Paper Roses


The world is a very strange old place. When we are young we think we will always remain the same. Yet slowly like water on a rock we change. The person we become is no longer recognizable by the person we were yet at our core we are still there.  Recently I found out about a death of a first crush, a person that  I admired greatly in my youth. Reading the wonderful words of people that loved him I realized that he had become someone that I knew when he was someone else. He had evolved. I had also. So many things change us. We become wiser yet also more inflexible. More understanding yet less tolerant of other views. Sadly we lose touch with those that form us. Life gets busy and time rushes past.

Looking closer I realize that he was right they were only paper roses all along.  We need to smell, taste and enjoy the real roses while we are here.

Rest well dear friend. You helped to form the person I became for that I am grateful.



Black Heart

black lady secrets

She had a black heart,

Black as coal.

Cold as a moonless winter.

Wrapped it around her victims,

Strangled them left them for dead.

But they rose up

Sent her an evil lover

To wrap his dark mind around hers,

Rip out what was left of her black heart.

and he left her as a voiceless puddle,

Slowly oozing into the sewer. 

Such are the rewards of such a heart.

Guard yourself well 

Before you join her.



No regrets

She lived strong

She lived free

From the fear of fear


Held her head up high

As blindness and pain took hold.

As the cancer claimed her day by day.

She clung on with her very fingernails

Never asking for pity, never complaining.

It took her piece by piece

She fought it inch by inch.

Now gone she leaves behind –

No stone unturned

No love not expressed

No challenge not met.

That my friends is bravery.

It is a choice to stand up and fight

Or lay down and die on diseases terms.

warrior woman

Many live their lives

complaining, avoiding life.

bullying others

seeing only darkness.

She didn’t and I am proud to call her friend.

Implausible Reality

shop girl

The shop girl turned the sign,

Left the stage,

Twisted up with anger and rage.

The customers never came to buy,

All the goods, the tricked up lie.

Implausible reality stepped in

With a wicked walk and grin.

You see my dear you oversold,

Strident instead of bold.

Such strange things you tried to sell.

Every time you rang that bell,

The customers laughed and smirked

and the harder you worked

the harder they chuckled

Until your Implausible reality buckled

and sent you to hell.

Turn out the lights, clear yourself out

All the customers have no doubt

You have lost your mind

Forgot to find

The key that locked the door.


The Alien

Alone, alien, she lives in her own world

Her twisted path unfurled.

She draws you in with tendrils of lies

While secretly she despises

Your humanity, your care

She can’t repair

Her twisted mind, her hatred

Of all mankind.

You must be punished beaten down

Your reputation finished all over town.

She leaves you in tatters

and your mind shatters.

her two faces

Then the mask comes off so you can see

What she really came to be.

No feelings no empathy.

Her joy, your pain

You see her for her empty shell

In which she is doomed to dwell.

Blue eyed Wolf

The blue-eyed wolf is not what he seems

He isn’t the answer to all of your dreams.

Betrayal so deep, it will cut to the bone,

Leave you bereft, leave you alone.

He can’t stay long you see

Be all you want him to be.

For like you, he has no soul,

Mate once and run is his goal.

Be careful of those you trust

Of those you use and leave in the dust.

Soon or later you will meet your match

So proud, your heart he will unlatch

Leave it battered and beaten

Before he is retreating.

What did you expect soulless one?

You attract worse than what you have begun.

Your pride will be smashed when you see this,

What the blue-eyed wolf really is



Nothing but a ghost

No heart has she,

Her soul is blank.

Empty as the sea,

dark and rank.

She lives in misery,

In swamps of hate.

There is no mystery,

of her soulless state.

She sucks the life

leaves nothing but venom.

Twists the knife

Into her victim.

Yet the joke you see is on her

Who she pains the most,

Emptiness to endure,

When you are nothing but a ghost.


Wishful thinking

Looks like my stalker would like to see my blog gone. Sorry to disappoint but WP has not removed it. Unlike some people, I have a life that sometimes gets in the way of writing blogs. If you have nothing to do but harass others and denigrate others I guess this is all you have. Sorry to inform you my blog has not been removed it is very much alive. Maybe your blog should find something more interesting than me to discuss.

Stop making such an ass of yourself.

donkey's ass


Old fish smell

old fish

Is it me? Now that we are being courted by both parties here in New York, I keep hearing both sides legitimizing the delegate process by calling it the rules of the “game”. Since when is the selection of the person that will determine our future over the next four years and probably beyond a “game”. They also tout “this is the way it has always been”. Try that in business and see how fast you end up on the losing side or unemployed. It is the time our voting system was overhauled from the ground up to keep up with our new Internet age. Maybe they keep it that way so the dinosaurs in Congress and state jobs can keep those positions. With every move being scrutinized it would behoove the parties to take a long look at their selection process and maybe ditch the delegate system altogether. Have debates with all recognized parties included and then have people vote online who they would like to run then vote online? Take the money we the taxpayers give to these parties for their farces and put it towards a new system. If this delegate selection process is private to the respective parties they need to pay for it themselves. 

Both parties have a strangle hold on this country and now with the speed of the internet and cable news, we are seeing all of their mechanizations exposed. No other party can even get a foothold due to the billions of dollars these parties have to play with. Every lobbyist and special interest have a finger in the pie til there is no pie left for the individual. Over the years, they have gained control over our country and it needs to stop. Write your representatives. Don’t donate to either party til they clean up their act. They don’t need your money the greedy buggers have more than they even need and will just keep perpetuating this comedy on all of us as long as we play along and let them. 

The whole thing smells like old fish time to dump the trash. 

Green Eyed Monster

It grabs you silently by the heart

Gives you a sudden start.

Fending off yet another

Possible, maybe lover.

Sexting, email all are suspect

Loss of all your own self-respect.

Chase them down give them misery

Such is your sad history.

Look in the mirror long and hard

Shatter your love shard by shard.

Can’t admit it is he that he cheated

and made your love defeated.

The list goes on and on it seems

Shatters all your dreams.

The spikey tail of jealousy and its’ sting

You cannot cope, you cannot bring

Yourself to understand your love

Is not a sweet and gentle dove

But a poorly disguised rat

and it isn’t the others that

Betrayed you.

Dismayed you.

It was the viper in your breast

That destroyed your little nest.



Mad Woman

She was as mad as mad can be 

At least, she seemed to me

She ranted, she raved

Screamed things depraved. 

Sank into a chasm

With a weird Miasm

I watched all this from afar 

from my home, from my car

All this on the internet

Where she would beget

Paranoia so very fine

Like Turned bitter wine.

Why do you scream I thought

What madness has this wrought

And she called my name

to malign and defame.

and I walked away



and left her to her madness. 



broken in two

She loved him so much you see

Thought he would change

Even after he hit her – HARD

He said he was sorry – SHE BELIEVED

Never going to happen again.

Until the next time he did it


Left her with a black eye

She said she hit it on the door

Nobody believed

But they minded their own business.

He loved her, he really did.

Otherwise why would he be so jealous?

She was his wasn’t she?

His property, branded with pain.

They found her in the woods,

She was broken

Her skull shattered.

But she loved him

So much.

Too much.

Cold as ice

cold as ice

She is cold as ice

Will shatter your heart

Slice by slice.

She comes as warm as Spring

With all her sweet charms

All the false love she can bring.

Turns off all your alarms.

Slithers and snakes her way

into your life and soul.

Makes you stop and stay

Ripping you up is her goal.

Drip by lethal drip of ice

till your blood runs cold

Slice by lethal slice

Until like vampires of old

She leaves you empty and finished

Your life and soul diminished.

A gift to the children

gifts to children

Perhaps if all those in charge of things

Of wars and all the pain it brings

Would look through the eyes of a child

Whose view is often styled

By adults in their life

their pain and strife.

We all have the same concerns it seems

The same hopes the same dreams,

So why do we feel we need to attack

bring pain to those that lack

the same religion or way of life?

For it only brings strife to those we cherish

Brings pain makes them perish

If only each of us could see

How wonderful the world could be

If we only cared about the children.

A Year

A year

Well, I have been on Word Press a year. So much has happened. I started it just as a lark and a dare. Had a stalker troll that decided it was a good idea to attack myself and my friends on Word Press so I decided to check it out. Here we are a year later.two trolls

The troll and her friend have wandered off thankfully leaving me to enjoy all of you. I rediscovered my love of poetry and shared it with a few friends that became 535 followers. That is amazing. Along the way, there were wonderful fellow bloggers I found and now enjoy immensely.

The moral of this story is that if you keep true to yourself and just enjoy what you are doing you come out ahead at the end.

Thank you all my followers and yes you too my stalker troll without you I may never have discovered this side of me. Here’s to another year!!

Free Speech

free Speech

One of the most precious gifts of a Democracy is free speech. It is also one of the most often misused. Spreading lies and hate isn’t free speech it is hatred. It also lessens the value of free speech. In this political season on both sides, I see the worst drivel and defamatory statements. Be very careful about what you repost or post yourself. If you share defamatory lies then whatever else you say will be tainted with those lies.

Truth has a way of surfacing even when it has been pushed down by the filth and sewage of hideous, defamatory and evil lies. Time is the angel of truth and when it surfaces it explodes and takes down those that spread that kind of hate.

So be true to the truth don’t belittle and lessen such a precious commodity as free speaking. You will be found out eventually. Just a fact of life.

free speech churchill

Just one more day

one more day

Just one more day

one more raindrop on my face

that tickles my eyes awake.

One more rainbow to give

Hope to a new day.

One more flower to touch

to smell.

Freedom from pain

and worry.

One more day

to love and be loved.

One more hug

from my precious friends

and family.

One more kiss from my beloved.

Can I take one from those I discarded?

Wasted with avarice and hate?

Threw away like it didn’t matter?

It matters now

When it is at an end.

Bank accounts don’t matter.

Status either.

My house can be a mansion or a shack

My car a junker or a million dollar Ferrari.

It doesn’t matter.

Only one more day does

One more day.

one more day Lord


bullfrog in a glass

Bullfrog drinking by a stream;

Talking as if in a dream.

Cocktail hour has arrived;

Looks like she has survived.

To talk about others she has no shame;

No mirrors then to take the blame.

For if she took one long, long look;

She would see the book;

About ugly faces;

lack of graces.

The old bullfrog sits and sings;

of birdie friends and other things.

She sends her barking way off tune;

Like some warped and ugly balloon.

It floats above her swamp and home,

Over hills and dales, it will roam.

Our ears will shrivel up in pain

and not one friend will remain.

She has no way to see

the way she turned out to be.

Vicious and profane

Nothing will remain

Of a soul.

We know your secrets

Ghost of a murderess doll

Shhhhhhh she surfaced again;

She full of sin;

Of hate and boiling jealousy.

Filled with poisoned animosity.

Followed you there to your retreat.

Where you and your fellows meet.

To prove yourselves as sexy fiends;

Onto anyone your body leans.

Virtual heat where none exists.

Playing a game that no one missed.

We know your secrets now you see.

We know and soon will be;



Death and pain.

So nothing else will remain;

But a doll with ugly features.

Evil doings vile creatures;

To eat your heart.

and other parts.

Where have all the little trolls gone?


Oh where oh where have those little trolls gone?

Oh where oh where oh where can the be?

Their little heads popped up and came along

To Facebook and internet free.

They poke and they holler

They scream and they bother

The innocent and unwary.

So don’t long tarry

Or listen to their defecations

Their snide remarks

Their deviations.

Sad little things with no life you see

All they can do is troll you and me.

Remove all their oxygen, unplug their air

Don’t respond, pretend they aren’t there.

For trolls, you will find will often feed

On the naive and innocents need

To be wanted and to be right

Find friends in the night.

Their banter they oftentimes fling

At anyone and anything

That will give them attention

A note some dimension

To a life that is empty and sad

So let them get furious and mad.

Use the sword of block and ignore

So then they can never score

You as a victim of their deceit

Leave them there in their defeat.

She Believed Him


He came home late again

Said he had to work

she believed him.

She found panties in his pockets

lipstick tubes and lockets

She believed him.

flea erections

He said that she was crazy

Stupid and lazy

She believed him.

For love, he is never in the mood

He said she misunderstood

Worked too hard quick to tire

Over and over he was a liar

She believed him.

hell to the no

Her friends told her he cheated

Them she berated

Must be them made it up created.

Other women coming on to him

She was thick and dim

And she believed him.

trusting a cheater

Then one day she caught him

Got a pan and taught him.

It wasn’t other women he did the deed

She finally found the need

To not believe him.



Justice not stupid just blind

To color, creed or race

All of us are combined

and are in this place.

Those who serve and protect

and those that commit the crime

Meet and do not neglect

To put in their time

Society is served

Humanity is restored

When justice is reserved

And criminality is moored.

For the justice of man

is slow but sure

Time ticks by

We still endure.

We need less of political rhetoric and more patriotism.

Political parties Washington

The election isn’t until next year but already the nasty, hateful political posts are beginning. The Republicans if you are to believe their detractors hate the poor, only interested in money and are war criminals. The Democrats are weak, liberal and could care less about America. How about looking into each candidate and making an intelligent choice based on what they stand for and their past actions?? Hmmm? Ignorant posts are being made all over Facebook that are laughable if the fate of the country wasn’t at stake.

Don’t people care anymore about the laws that are passed? The same idiots and self-serving rich guys of both parties keep getting voted in. Now campaigns are in the billions, not even millions. A regular person that cares about this country hasn’t got a chance in hell of being elected. Our outdated systems ensure that even if the popular vote is higher the electoral vote is what counts. Why? We don’t take two weeks on horseback to elect officials anymore. Voting is instantaneous or would be if states would get themselves together. Internet voting should be allowed. If a person is legally registered why can’t a vote be cast on the web?

Please, people, look further into who will be running your country. Just because a guy has been in office isn’t a reason to put him back there. Look into the honesty of the person you are voting for. If they constantly lie do you really want them making YOUR laws??

carlin selfish citizens

Get active if you care that much. Stop reposting ridiculous claims on Facebook and other social media sites. I would love to see all political parties abolished and direct voting commence, but that will never happen with the lobbyists and the complacency of the American people.

Jefferson abolish government

So when they pass law that infringe on your rights, have an Internal Revenue service that is out of control and you pay at least half your earnings to support all this I hope you remember your precious parties. What have they done for you. I think you will see that they have done nothing. You have been fooled by foolish rhetoric and swallowed all of it.

Secrets Twisted and Served as Gossip

Every one wants to be us

The funny thing about secrets, the harder we try to hide things, the more likely they are to surface. Covering your tracks by telling more stories can muddy the waters or it can point straight back to you. The more secrets you have the more you have to cover. The more you have to cover the more mixed up you get. So the best way to be really is up front and honest. Then you don’t get tangled up in your own web. Secrets can be toxic things they can strangle relationships.


When people in relationships and friendships share secrets that is wonderful unless one of them wants attention badly. That is when the whole thing can go upside down. Remember when dealing with others, those that gossip with you will most probably gossip about you. When relationships go south all those little secrets can come tumbling out. A lot of times people who have been your enemy become your friends and your friends become your enemies. Therefore be very careful of anything you share.

secrets cupid

In currying favor with new friends, old friends will use your secrets and even embellish them. Kissed a boy? Well, they will make it spicier and say you had sex. Shoplifted when you were ten? It becomes you spent time in prison for theft. Said something about someone else in anger? That will be embellished to make that other person hate you for sure. Have a mental illness or one in your family? Well, you are mental for sure. You have to be don’t you? That whole thing with genetics you know. Crazy as the rest of them. Used a little pot? Must be a raging drug addict. You get my point. Anything said can be embellished and stretched until you can’t even recognize the original secret.

Anything you say can be twisted and used. Secrets are fine things when they remain secrets. When they become more they can be vicious weapons used on the foolish and unwary.

How did I become so wise about the subject of secrets? That is an easy one. I foolishly trusted others. It happens more often than you would think. People that I felt cared about me. They didn’t. End of story.

True Nobility

True nobility

It is so easy to look at someone else’s life and criticize them. Why don’t they have money? Why are they constantly complaining? What is wrong with them? If we have been lucky enough to have our health. Fortunate enough to make enough money so we don’t have to stay up all night wondering if we will have a home tomorrow or if our children will eat. Haven’t had to deal with bombs going off around us, losing our family to war. Not been plagued with one disaster after the other. Then I think we should have compassion for those that are less fortunate.

Sometimes people complain a lot. Be grateful they trust you with their pain, their misfortunes. Perhaps if these things make any sense at all they are there to show us how very lucky we are.

Those of us who have been fortunate have no reason for arrogance. It is pure luck. Yes, we may have worked hard for all we have but we had the health, stamina and education that made that possible.

Be kind and never, ever think you are superior to anyone unless it is the younger you because you have learned compassion and empathy for others.

Have you money? Why? Were you left an inheritance? Maybe you had the money for a good education that allowed you to work at what you loved for a decent salary? Have good health? You live in a society that has good food at reasonable cost. Medicine is available as is medical care.

Not everyone is so fortunate. All of us are just one disaster or health crisis from being those we might criticise

Through no fault of their own they may have been born in a society that didn’t value them. Had a disease that made it difficult or impossible to work. Had circumstances leading to addiction.

Look to yourself are you really that much better than your fellow human or just more fortunate??


They come and go

These trolls you know

Not much to them just living low

and twisted brains where hate can grow.

Trolls on a train

With nothing much to do

they come to criticise you.

Using twisting words and lies

As binding ties

They try to undo all the good

The rest of us understood

Too bad they have such boring lives

Their minds have been circumcised.

Makes the rest of us wonder

What bridge they came under.

Makes you wonder why

So absorbed in others they lie

Destroy reputations at will

Without very much skill.

Don’t feed them my dear friend,

They will starve in the end.

Attention is their meat

Destruction their sweet.

Where all the hate dwells

Let them poison themselves.

jealousy trolls

Calling all authors support your libraries


Let’s start a movement!! If you write, donate your signed books to your local library and volunteer to read them. You get followers and future readers they get you in person.

If you have books donate them to small libraries that have so few and little money to buy more.

Get involved. Children that read get ahead. Ereaders are great but there is nothing like the adventure of going to a library and finding that perfect book. Take your kids get them a card. It is better for their minds and health.

Please reblog and share this post so we get the word out that libraries need our support. We don’t want to see a day when they are no longer there.

Paranormal and the thinking mind

face Erlend Mork

Wonder why we are so fascinated with the paranormal. I think that it is an innate fear of the unknown and death. I can picture early man when confronted with the unexplained sudden death of someone they cared about blaming the forces of nature. After all they didn’t know a cause of death unless an animal attacked or there was an accident. They had no idea of disease except it came and stopped people from being animated and moving. Burial probably started as a means of keeping wild animals at bay. After time it became more and more ritualistic. We fear that which we do not know. Disease and natural occurrences can seem like the workings of the Gods or malevolent spirits. Noises in a cave filled with darkness except for the flickering of a small fire must be terrifying. Shadows become ghosts and spirits of the dead.

ghost girl

Do spirits, Gods and ghosts exist? Maybe they do or maybe it is the human mind making sense of the senseless. Many of the myths and stories that have come down to us have a lot of the same basis. Many of the stories of the bible have similarities to Egyptian mythology. Not that the bible is untrue it is just also stories and myths that may have had a grain of truth. It is a guide and the stories are used to illustrate the social behavior that the particular society found beneficial. There are several books that were deleted and what we have now really doesn’t reflect the original intent.

What happens when we die ? We are no further in that quest than early man. Even with numerous experiments and tales of beyond we really don’t know. There was even an experiment measuring if the soul left the body at death. A dying person is on a bed on a scale and at the moment of death and before weights are taken. Others have come back from near death and told tales of the beyond. Is this a safety mechanism of the brain to deal with the idea of dying and not existing any more? It is a very terrifying concept. Or is it really a realm beyond?

Article on the weighing of the soul.

All in all it is a fascinating subject. While things like Vampires I do not believe exist except in the adolescent mine are easily disproved (sorry Nosferatu). Others continue to fascinate and occupy our minds. As for me, I do hope there is an existence of some sort after death. It would be wonderful if we can see those that went before and death can be conquered but I am just not sure. My logical mind says no we are just a creation of nature and like all natural things have an existence and then make way for others. My heart however yearns for the hereafter. Perhaps someday I will know for sure. Just hope it isn’t too soon. I like it here.

here after

Vanity a cautionary tale

vanity tete Morte.jpg

In our youth we depend on our looks to attract a mate. We primp and polish and pose. Some never get beyond that stage. Most of us come to the realization eventually that there is more to life than that. The narcissist never does. When they look in the mirror they don’t see reality they see the youth and beauty that once was there. Living a fantasy of desirability and youth they see themselves above and beyond the mortal beings. The sad thing about it is they actually think they are better than others. Better bodies, smarter more beautiful by far and above everyone else. To this end they become alone. The sociopath is the same but they need the thrill of being adored so even though they feel everyone is not at their level they flatter them until they become an object of adoration. The victim is put up as the most brilliant, gorgeous, kindest best person that ever existed. What the victim doesn’t realize often times until too late is that the sociopath is just reflecting themselves. They are actually in love with their own being. If the victim adores them then they are worthy. That is until they become bored. A bored sociopath/narcissist can be vicious. They want entertainment so they shred, tear and destroy the object that formerly was the object of adoration. Most times they will convince the victim it is their own fault. They didn’t take care of themselves, they weren’t loyal enough, they had other friends, they are no longer desirable. This is the Gaslight phase of the relationship. As most sociopaths seek out the needy and sometimes Desperate and Dateless this can lead to very tragic results.

You see they need to destroy the object of their affection because being a narcissist they cannot possibly be wrong or mistaken in their belief. Therefore the object must be turned into something to make the narcissist the victim of being duped. Complicated? The mind of a narcissist is a rats nest of ego. There is no room for others and their feelings. They create and they destroy. Because they have no empathy others are only dolls to be manipulated and used. The object is nothing but something to be turned into an evil doll that they were mistaken in worshipping.

evil doll

Once that happens the sociopath is ready to be entertained. There is nothing they will not say or do to tear down their object. Accusations of sexual misconduct, illegal acts, abuse and other lies become common and are the weapons of choice.

The lesson in this is that if you end up in a relationship that from the first minutes puts you into an unrealistic pedestal take a good look at your friend or lover is it you they are in love with or themselves?  I leave you with the wise words of George Bernard Shaw.  Love should be love no matter what your looks become. Looks fade character grows.

Lost looks shaw

Mind games

mind games

Don’t pay with my mind

and try to creep on in

I know your kind

You will not win.

There are twists and turns

You will not see

My mind burns

So let it be.

Don’t swing in my head

Bouncing in here

I will fill you with dread

If you come near.

My mind is a mind field

Can sometimes go boom

You have no shield

Within this room.

Whatever I am I am me.


I blog because I enjoy it. After many years working in accounting and not having time to write this is a wonderful outlet. There are many of you I have met and your writing inspires and sometimes astounds me. There is a lot of joy in blogging many real laughs too.

In this world though there are those that through jealousy, narcissism and just plain meanness can’t stand for another person to have success even as limited as mine is on my blog. Seems she really wasn’t very successful at it. Instead of working harder she used that blog to attack myself and some of my friends. She also did this on Facebook. No one believed her there but it doesn’t go on the Google search like it does here when you are tagged.  It didn’t work because people on Word Press are more interested in writing, art and sharing not fighting.

Yesterday I was upset by that person who has posted and tagged my blog as abusive. It is the first thing you see if you Google my name. I was upset because I feel it is anything but. I try to share information and some of the art of poetry. Both are by myself and some really talented writers. It crossed my mind to just step away from my blog. The support I got from my fellow bloggers has made me realize that there are more there that enjoy my blog than want to attack it. Thinking about it I realized that this person has more problems than I do with having stupidity posted about me. People can love or leave my blog. No one has because of her malignant posts that I can see. So I have decided to just be me. Post what I like because that is what I do. There is nothing I can do to have it removed. It has been reported and I have responded. Now I am done with it.

I won’t mention her name or blog she doesn’t deserve a spot on my page. Thank you followers. It means a lot to me to have people enjoy my writing. That is why I am here. For you that sent me such wonderful messages of support you have no idea how much it meant to me. It took some courage for me to write again and this wounded me but I will continue because you believed in me.

The Golem

Golem of Prague

I recently finished a book that had an interesting story about a Golem.

golem of hollywood

The book was in my estimation only a so so story but the subject is fascinating.

Today in Prague it is an entire business and the statues of Golems can be seen everywhere but I can imagine that the tales of the Golem were terrifying at one time. The idea of making a human from mud has shades of the Frankenstein tale.

Both the story of Frankenstein and the legend of the Golem have the same core. How is man so full of himself that he can do what only God should be able to do? In our age of technology will robots become the Golems of modern times? How will technology affect how we view life and ourselves. There is a lot to think about I think in this tale so I am sharing a bit of what I have found.

Here is some research from the internet. 

In Jewish tradition, the golem is most widely known as an artificial creature created by magic, often to serve its creator. The word “golem” appears only once in the Bible (Psalms139:16). In Hebrew, “golem” stands for “shapeless mass.” The Talmud uses the word as “unformed” or “imperfect” and according to Talmudic legend, Adam is called “golem,” meaning “body without a soul” (Sanhedrin 38b) for the first 12 hours of his existence. The golem appears in other places in the Talmud as well. One legend says the prophet Jeremiah made a golem However, some mystics believe the creation of a golem has symbolic meaning only, like a spiritual experience following a religious rite.

The Sefer Yezirah (“Book of Creation”), often referred to as a guide to magical usage by some Western European Jews in the Middle Ages, contains instructions on how to make a golem. Several rabbis, in their commentaries on Sefer Yezirah have come up with different understandings of the directions on how to make a golem. Most versions include shaping the golem into a figure resembling a human being and using God’s name to bring him to life, since God is the ultimate creator of life..

According to one story, to make a golem come alive, one would shape it out of soil, and then walk or dance around it saying combination of letters from the alphabet and the secret name of God. To “kill” the golem, its creators would walk in the opposite direction saying and making the order of the words backwards.

Other sources say once the golem had been physically made one needed to write the letters aleph, mem, tav, which is emet and means “truth,” on the golem’s forehead and the golem would come alive. Erase the aleph and you are left with mem and tav, which is met, meaning “death.”

Another way to bring a golem to life was to write God’s name on parchment and stick it on the golem’s arm or in his mouth. One would remove it to stop the golem.

Often in Ashkenazi Hasidic lore, the golem would come to life and serve his creators by doing tasks assigned to him. The most well-known story of the golem is connected to Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the Maharal of Prague (1513-1609). It was said that he created a golem out of clay to protect the Jewish community from Blood Libel and to help out doing physical labor, since golems are very strong. Another version says it was close to Easter, in the spring of 1580 and a Jew-hating priest was trying to incite the Christians against the Jews. So the golem protected the community during the Easter season. Both versions recall the golem running amok and threatening innocent lives, so Rabbi Loew removed the Divine Name, rendering the golem lifeless. A separate account has the golem going mad and running away. Several sources attribute the story to Rabbi Elijah of Chelm, saying Rabbi Loew, one of the most outstanding Jewish scholars of the sixteenth century who wrote numerous books on Jewish law, philosophy, and morality, would have actually opposed the creation of the Golem.

It seems that this tale is cautioning us that no matter how brilliant and wise we can over reach ourselves when we try to imitate God. The creation of life is meant for the divine not for the every day human.

Robert Durst disgusting excuse


Last night I was appalled to see that this murderer’s lawyer is going to use the same excuse that got this murder off last time. ASPERGERS! This is really outrageous.

Robert Durst is about to get away with more murders. Using the badly understood condition known as Aspergers. This is a terrible precedent to set. How is the fact that he has Aspergers affect the fact that he murdered a man, cut him in pieces and tossed him in the water. Then he went on the lam. Now with this new arrest his lawyer is claiming the producers of the program where he admits while talking to himself and miked that he “killed them all”.  He has withdrawn cash in small bills, put them in several envelopes ready to mail. He had his passport and other documents and was reported to be planning to flee to Cuba.

These are all acts of an evil man who has gotten away with murder for too long using Aspergers as an excuse for his actions. This is an insult to all those afflicted with this condition.

Yes Robert where is the head and where is the head of those jurors that acquitted you? Shame on the American justice system where you can buy anything you want.

Here are the symptoms of Aspergers nowhere is murdering people and cutting them up. People with Aspergers have enough trouble with preconceived ideas of what they are and are capable of. I wish 48 Hours had challenged his lawyer on his claims.

We will see in this new trial if this evil man will finally see justice. He is evil period.

The tin man in a mask

tin man mask

Tiptoe around him or feel his wrath
Feel his pain rip off his mask.
Is he really there or a fake
Could you really help or make
Him care?

He wraps the tendrils around your heart
Twists them until he can start
To control you, make you his
All he does all of this.
To discard you in disdain.

Where was this flowery word
Left unheard
Blocked off from you
What did you do
To make him come back?

Was it that you became free
No longer his prodigy??

Sisters Not

time like a sword

Through the murky layers of time I remember you,

The one that was my rock was so true.

A friend forever at least that was what it seemed.

We talked together, shared our dreams.

From a distance we became close,

Like sisters I thought.


Until the day you turned I saw the face,

the true face in the place,

Of the one I thought I knew.





stop bullying

Two articles every parent and teacher and anyone else with a soul should read.

Click to access 6b.Bullying%20%20People%20with%20Disabilities.Arias.pdf

These are articles on the abuse of handicapped children in our schools and the suicide statistics for those that are bullied. This isn’t a part of growing up it is torture. What kind of a society is it when the weakest among us is not treated with kindness and respect? Where are all the adults? The teachers, parents and even people that see it happening? Why aren’t children taught that bullying is just wrong? I know that it happens because children and some grown people want to fit in with a crowd. That crowd mentality leaves out all humanity. If you see it happening, know of it, see it on Facebook and other social media stand up and be counted let’s let these lost, black souls know that the rest of us will not tolerate the abuse of the weak.
Every day people and children commit suicide, quit school, start drugs to escape this kind of torture. It isn’t funny it isn’t right and it is the wrong way to be popular.

Those that you are joining in to bully, others will eventually turn on you. If they are gossiping what makes you think you are bullet proof? Gossips gossip and they could care less about you. Do you bully gay people because down deep you might have an attraction to others? Wake up we can love who we like and that attraction may just be friendship you are throwing away. Someone is fat are you afraid you can catch it? It isn’t contagious you know. If they are thin maybe you feel you should be too. They have a handicap? What are you afraid of? They are already weaker than you. Maybe you are too big a coward to take on an able bodied person so you attack them. Think about it what is missing in you? What damage are you doing to your own personality when you do this to others. How do the silent majority see you? As ugly, mean and scary that’s how.

For you that get your jollies by abusing others whether children or adults I think you need to look deep in your soul to find out why you do it. Are you that inadequate? Lacking of any morals or feelings for others? Are you being bullied at home and this is the only way you can get satisfaction? Talk to a counsellor if you need help it is out there.


Just STOP!

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