Internet Scammers and Facebook Frauds


One of my Facebook friends started a very funny thread about a Nigerian having sent her an email that she had millions of dollars coming to her and just needed to send a small fee. We had a lot of laughs but it made me start thinking. As long as humans have had anything worth stealing scammers have existed. No doubt the first person to discover berry bushes got scammed out of most of their berries by a cave dwelling neredowell that saw easy pickings. May have told her he knew of a bigger berry patch that could be hers just for handing over her basket of hard earned picked berries.

Today scammers have gone global with the internet and social media platforms like Facebook. I sat stunned watching Dr. Phil one day while one elderly woman after the other told how they met the love of their lives. Usually handsome middle aged white guys living in another country usually Africa that needed help getting their fortunes out of the country and had fallen madly in love with them. One poor soul watched as her elderly mother told him how she gave her life savings of over $600,000 to one of these. It boggles the mind of how easily they were taken in but are the rest of us not much better? Greed and fantasy sometimes overwhelms our good sense. Who hasn’t fallen for the Facebook color scheme hoax or one of the many sick children hoaxes that are all over the internet? Let’s all be honest at one time or the other we have fallen victim. Usually it is just a harmless hoax but sometimes these are vehicles for trojans or other viruses or ways to get our personal information.

These are the top ten internet frauds:

Phishing scams these are emails that pretend to be someone else to get your information. Be very wary of any emails that show up from banks, credit cards etc. If you look at the link take a good look at where it comes from. That will appear in your search bar. If you get anything from a bank etc. Do not click on the link email or call the institution and ask them about it. This is a very old scam and dangerous as they will ask for you information and once given can raise havoc with your identity and finances.

Nigerian 419 Scam these have been around so long that my friends joke was that she heard that she had won a lot of money and only had to send a fee of a couple of thousand dollars. Sadly a lot of people have been taken in by these and other similar scams. If someone asks you for money to get money it is a scam. I had this pulled on me at a bank a person outside stopped me and said that they were illegal and had a lot of money coming in could I just give them the cash and they would give me their check. I told them let’s just go in the bank and take care of it there. Of course they declined.

Greeting Card Scams these arrive in email pretending to be from a friend or family member. Once the link is clicked a trojan is launched on your computer or other malicious software. Never click on something that is suspicious. Call the family member and ask.

Shopper needed check fraud these as well as other check frauds are in all kinds of guises. They ask that the recipient cash a check and then forward part of the funds to the sender. Of course the check is bogus and the recipient is left holding the bag. If you get a check like this show it to your bank. They can usually tell you if it is a fraud. Also people don’t just send random people checks. Use your common sense.

Reshipping and Payment processing frauds these ask people to process payments through their bank it is also called money laundering. Again people don’t send people money for nothing.

Lottery Winning Scams If someone tells you that you won a lottery you never enterred why would you believe it?? Don’t.

Pump and dump stock scams again if someone offers insider information on a stock think twice. It means the price is being pumped up fraudulently then dumped leaving the other stockholders holding the bag. Usually you.

Fraudulent link scams Be very careful about any link you click specially on social media for so called fun apps for instance changing Facebook colors and others these usually contain malware that can ruin your computer or worse take it over.

Killer Spam: If someone emails you that a hitman is after you go directly to the police. It usually is a scam and wants to extort money. If it isn’t then why take chances. Regular people are not targets of hitmen. This isn’t Goodfellas.

Scareware Scams: This will pop up claiming that the system is infected and instructs the user to click on the link to clean the bogus infection. Do not do it. When you do you get an advertising bug or worse. Never install any software except from a certified provider. If you don’t understand this get a friend to help you. If you download something that is not it can ruin your computer or steal information.

These are the top ten. Since I am a lady of a certain age I know that a lot of you in the same boat can be victims of these scams. Please be careful. Also you must be very careful of how much information you put on your social media. Make all your information private. Hide your friends list and photos. Never, ever, ever take any romantic overtures as real unless you meet the person and then only with a couple of friends in a very public place. Social media is a haven for frauds of all kinds. It is perfect. You can be anyone and claim anything. You have all been on this Earth long enough to know that what seems to good to be true usually is and nobody gets something for nothing.

Thanks for reading and please stay safe.




By Gale A. Molinari

Sharing my views on just about everything that enters my mind. Fasten your seatbelts it is going to be a bumpy ride. I am just a lady of a certain age somewhere between the dinosaurs and stalactites. Musing over lessons learned and sharing those with others. I really am interested in your views on what I write so fire away and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. this is my poetry blog perhaps you would enjoy that too!!


      1. Older user’s ( like my mom) only had a circle of people they knew pretty much face to face. It was hard for them to use a computer in the first place. It’s confusing. I work with my mom quite often explaining things over and over because she forgets. ( she’s 81) Many older people don’t understand why someone would do that. They also get scammed more often with regular mail. They are often too trusting. They scam them on the phone. My mom got suckered twice by companies that cost her money she didn’t have to spare, to get out of.


  1. Reblogged this on duncanmason and commented:
    So sad that there are so many people who lack respect in themselves enough to get a proper employment and be able to hold their heads up high – so many people as this blog shows, who have less morals than a sewer rat and manage to sleep at night after scamming innocent people out of their life savings. The interweb is a wonderful place but as in life, people are not always what they seem. When did people get so evil?


  2. Here’s another one. I got hit by this three times. Twice by the same person on the same ad I placed. I teach piano. I put an ad on craigslist (never again). I got emails all three times saying that he had a son coming to the area for a couple months and he wanted to provide lessons for him to keep him busy. He wanted lessons twice a week for a couple hours and would I send a quote. (The first time I fell for it) He agreed to my price. The next day he emailed me and said he was sending a check and would it be okay if he made it for extra so I could send money to the nanny who was traveling with his son for their traveling expenses. ( The father was out of the country on business) Then I got suspicious and went online and searched “music teacher scams on craigslist”. Wow!! Page after page of emails people got that were identical to mine. This man was so friendly. Really suckered me in. He gave me lots of details about his son. He told me a lot in different emails thanking me , God blessing me, etc. He also used spelling that showed English wasn’t his first language ( real? fake? ) When I sent an email telling him I caught on to his scam the emails stopped. Later, I got another email (different name) with the same first inquiry about needing lessons for his son. I ignored that one. About two weeks later I got an email from the first man, again with the same inquiry. I guess he forgot he already tried to use me. I went along with it but those time I sent back an outrageus quote that no piano would ask for he agreed! I sent an email back laughing at him for his stupidity. I got no more emails. This was the first time I put an email on Craigslist. I’ll never do it again! The sad thing, they wouldn’t be using this scam if it didn’t work.


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