Autism and the Artist Candy Waters

candy waters autistic art

via Candy Waters.

I just saw a wonderful post by a friend of mine on Facebook (I love my friends they teach me so much!). It was about this wonderful artist that happens to be Autistic. I think this painting says so much if we just ponder it a bit. The bloom strikes me very much like an eye peeping out at the world. I think maybe that is their world. Many of these children are wonderfully artistic and intelligent they just have problems connecting with the outside world.

Autism manifests itself early in life and there is a lot of evidence pointing to synaptic pathways that are disrupted. Many of the same things that cause other birth defects have been linked as well. It appears that the risk seems to be during the first eight weeks from conception. Although it is possible that it could be initiated later in development current research seems to indicate it earlier.

There has been no confirmed environmental causes vaccines have been disproven as causing autism and tragically some people who refuse the vaccines have had children with preventable diseases. Parents may have first become aware of the symptoms about the same age as the routine vaccines so this may have given arise to this conjecture. A theory supported by a litigation funded study has been found to be an elaborate fraud. This has resulted in some tragic results including the preventable deaths of several children.

Highly functioning autistics have signs and symptoms that are less severe than with other forms. They usually have average or above average intelligence. It is related to Asperger’s syndrome. Both of these can have language difficulties but be able to express themselves very well in other ways.

Unlike other people with autism these individuals want to be involved with others they just don’t have to skills to go about it. They may not be able to understand others emotions or be able to read facial expressions and other’s body language. That can make them the victims of bullying and can lead to them becoming victims of others and also anxiety and depression.

This beautiful child has found a wonderful way of expressing herself. With patience many of these wonderful people can add so much to all of our lives.

This is her Facebook page you should get to know her!

This is the link for her art if you want to purchase anything from this wonderful artist and it is for a wonderful cause too!!


By Gale A. Molinari

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  1. I really wanted to believe this challenged girl was really doing the art that was being sold. But it is easy to see that the parents are spamming their merchandise everywhere and probably making a fortune off of that girl’s disability. There are no videos or proof that she is the one doing the art that can be found anywhere on the internet. None, not even one. That should be a big red flag. It’s strange and something seems fishy about it. Hate to be a skeptic, but this one seems like a fake. Buyer beware.

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