Taking Dollies home

toys and selfishness

You lied when you said
you would all come to play
and instead
I waited all day.

I waited talking to my self
You said you would come
and left me on the shelf
Until the day was done.

Tucked under my arm
I took my dollies back
and sounded the alarm
and blew my stack.

You wanted my dollies thats for sure
It will be fun you said
and all the pain I had to endure
I wish you were dead.

Signed the Narcissist among you.

By Gale A. Molinari

Sharing my views on just about everything that enters my mind. Fasten your seatbelts it is going to be a bumpy ride. I am just a lady of a certain age somewhere between the dinosaurs and stalactites. Musing over lessons learned and sharing those with others. I really am interested in your views on what I write so fire away and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. https://wordpress.com/stats/galemolinari.wordpress.com this is my poetry blog perhaps you would enjoy that too!!


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