Revenge of the Nouns

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As I age (totally gracefully, of course), I notice an ever-growing Pros and Cons List accumulating in my brain. I’ve also notice one side of the list is getting much longer than the other. ? ? The Pros (or what we gain as we get older): Experience Wisdom Friends Family Knowledge…

How Do You Stop Stressing?!?!

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I am, by nature, a worrier, highly anxious, and continuously analyzing my surroundings. I always try to stay one step ahead of any situation. I want to be in control, because if I’m not, I fear that things will not be done right. I take on too much. Now,…

My daughter just made me cry.

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Molly and me in the car in April 2014. I was 2 months No Contact with my MN ex by then. My daughter Molly got home from visiting some friends, and admitted that she had come across my blog back in December and read the article about her where…


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Some prefer to believe in those that hide the truth or say what they want to hear. They believe in the wrong people. I prefer the hard truth over lies therefor I’ll tell you the truth.