Old lady having fun

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Getting older isn’t all bad it can be entertaining. I like to go to computer stores and ask about computers. Love getting the geeks that think anyone over 40 is an tech idiot. I particularly like calling help lines and asking where the ANY key is. Ever see a young person…

Your Words

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– Your words stung.  Like a knife heated in the flames, they cut through my skin and pierced deep within. The pain I felt was unlike any I had ever experienced.   Immediately I felt the burning as your words seared into my heart.  …

Pundits with Opinions on older women.

Just a couple of “older” women from a magazine article. SEXY! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michelle-combs/what-not-to-wear-after-ag_b_6656902.html Ever seen Helen Mirren in a bathing suit?? What is this crap about what women over 50 shouldn’t wear? Are we all supposed to wear flowered dresses and orthopedic shoes?? Really? Come on now. I never see any articles about what not to… Continue reading Pundits with Opinions on older women.

Don’t Feel Alone Anymore

If you are feeling alone get out. Be among people. Volunteer. You don’t have to be alone if you don’t want to be. Positive Outlooks Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re either lonely or they’re missing somebody. They are in love with someone they probably shouldn’t… Continue reading Don’t Feel Alone Anymore

May Eve 2015

Happy May Eve! The Honest Courtesan Today is May Eve, long recognized as the spring equivalent of Halloween.  For the past few years I’ve presented lists of scary things to enjoy on the day; in 2012 it was my list of the scariest short stories, in 2013 my list of the scariest television show episodes,… Continue reading May Eve 2015

Who You Are

Absolutely be your own authentic wonderful self. Orlando Espinosa It’s never a good idea to allow the negative things people say about you, shape who you are! View original post

Old Gossips

You know I thought I had seen it all but this really beats everything. My dear friend is recovering from serious life threatening surgery. I won’t go into detail as it is her business and that isn’t what this blog post is about. It is about petty individuals sticking their big noses into other people’s… Continue reading Old Gossips

A Thought About Spells

Sending out negative thoughts witch or not can attract the same. It can be dangerous to self to hate or to spite others.