We know your secrets

Shhhhhhh she surfaced again; She full of sin; Of hate and boiling jealousy. Filled with poisoned animosity. Followed you there to your retreat. Where you and your fellows meet. To prove yourselves as sexy fiends; Onto anyone your body leans. Virtual heat where none exists. Playing a game that no one missed. We know your… Continue reading We know your secrets

Walk Away

Originally posted on galesmind:
With the last words frozen on her lips She turns and walks away Fading in the distance her hips Are all she has left to say. Over and done she takes no more Pain and heartache follow No evening of the score No more abuse to swallow. Someday she will heal…

What the hell happened???

I am so confused. Jeb Bush wants to phase out Medicare. Trump is now siding with Democrats. Obama is siding with Iran and seems to be running the government all by himself. At least he and the UN seem to be making our foreign policy for us. Obamacare is a confused mess. The IRS is… Continue reading What the hell happened???