Russian Strikes Again Expose US Disarray

Originally posted on pundit from another planet:
New York (AFP) – Russia’s dramatic entry Wednesday into the Syrian war put the United States on the back foot once again and left Washington struggling to regain the military and diplomatic initiative. As US Secretary of State John Kerry was in New York trying to coordinate with…

A Year

Well, I have been on Word Press a year. So much has happened. I started it just as a lark and a dare. Had a stalker troll that decided it was a good idea to attack myself and my friends on Word Press so I decided to check it out. Here we are a year… Continue reading A Year

The Fool

She found out she was a fool After being evil and cruel. She found the truth about her master Dragged out and pushed into disaster. Then abandoned left just like that. Left her there flat. Does she know about her man? About the other ones plan? Ah probably not She forgot What evil is done… Continue reading The Fool

The Empty Bed

Empty and alone she cries Reaching out in the dark Alone and lonely she lies. Sheets and room so stark. He is gone never coming back Disappeared from her life The pain and it’s attack From no longer being wife. The past comes to visit late Pokes its boney finger To whisper and berate Haunt… Continue reading The Empty Bed

Free Speech

One of the most precious gifts of a Democracy is free speech. It is also one of the most often misused. Spreading lies and hate isn’t free speech it is hatred. It also lessens the value of free speech. In this political season on both sides, I see the worst drivel and defamatory statements. Be… Continue reading Free Speech