Free Speech

free Speech

One of the most precious gifts of a Democracy is free speech. It is also one of the most often misused. Spreading lies and hate isn’t free speech it is hatred. It also lessens the value of free speech. In this political season on both sides, I see the worst drivel and defamatory statements. Be very careful about what you repost or post yourself. If you share defamatory lies then whatever else you say will be tainted with those lies.

Truth has a way of surfacing even when it has been pushed down by the filth and sewage of hideous, defamatory and evil lies. Time is the angel of truth and when it surfaces it explodes and takes down those that spread that kind of hate.

So be true to the truth don’t belittle and lessen such a precious commodity as free speaking. You will be found out eventually. Just a fact of life.

free speech churchill

By Gale A. Molinari

Sharing my views on just about everything that enters my mind. Fasten your seatbelts it is going to be a bumpy ride. I am just a lady of a certain age somewhere between the dinosaurs and stalactites. Musing over lessons learned and sharing those with others. I really am interested in your views on what I write so fire away and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. this is my poetry blog perhaps you would enjoy that too!!


  1. Free speech is exactly that, that you are protected under the letter of the law to say whatever you want, insult whoever you want and be as mean and nasty as you want. Now if you disagree with it that´s a whole other story and then is your oportunity to lash back. I´m not saying that what I mentioned is constructive at all, quite the contrary really. But that is free speech at it´s best. Good, bad and ugly.

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      1. Yes, it is hate speech which is protected under the free speech act. That is why you can see the KKK still be able to go on marches in the U.S and here in Spain you can see the Nazis doing it. Another thing is that is not productive nor is morally correct,but stricly speaking about the law it is perfectlypermitable because that what democracies are, permissable for everybody to express their opinion even for these type of nutjobs. And I´m giving here extremem examples, when you talk about politics for me the so called “offense” is way way much less. They´re just politicians trying to govern a country and for some you might think the Trump´s of the world or the republicans use hate speech and for the right you can say that the left is criminally responsable for letting go on and not defund tax payers money for planned parenthood when you can see a life fetus fully formed, heart beating, and those people talking about dismembering it and how much each part of the body will give them more money. On the right, and for those who think abortion is a crime, they will see that as hate to say the least. So in enters the protection of free spedch since all individuals from different ideologies have to live amongst each other in peace and not be prosecuted by the state for just raising their opinions.
        Another thing is that you might raise your opininon, someone finds it hatefuly and beats you up, that´s your choice when you say something in front of people who don´t agree with you and if they beat you up then they will be held criminally responsable.For acting physically but not for words

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      2. I understand that. But don´t tell me it was a good little debate 😉 At least you where courteous when making your points, other people just go beserk and then is when I say, so if you don´t have any arguments you last resort is to insult me? But you kept your cool plus it helps me get my two neurons working a bit.

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      3. Yes, and I´m actually quite open when discussing things with people that may have other opinions, on some things I obviously have very ingrained ideas as to what I find right and wrong, but for other issues I´m more than willing than to accept that you know what? Maybe this person does have a point and he or she makes me reflect on it and re think my position. Which has happened and you actually, I believe at least,that you do grow form it, intellectually.

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