Sympathy for the Devil

Originally posted on Flowers from a Psychopath:
You can’t pity an NPS (Narcissist, Psychopath, Sociopath) too much, but I will say one thing: It is a life to be pitied when all you have is one conquest after another.  When you mow through people and things with the destructive force of a tsunami.  What is…

The Day After Christmas

Originally posted on literallylaurie:
Twas the day after Christmas, and all through my home, Bits of paper still lay while my puppy dog roams. The kids are still sleeping from gaming all night, And FINALLY I’m seeing the sun’s shining light. The water’s receding, though more rain’s to come. And Dr. Who’s hiding the dishwasher’s…

Wake up call

When are Americans going to wake up? We are the hardest working people in the world. Taking less vacation time every year so we have less time with our families we struggle to make a living, own a home, pay off college loans and just feed ourselves. Why then is our government so in debt?… Continue reading Wake up call

Welcome little spy

You think I don’t see you? You think I am naive. Slinking around on your belly while your curiosity you relieve Say hello to your little friends I know they are here too. I know you see By the things that you do. You are silly and strange Bought really cheap Information you arrange To… Continue reading Welcome little spy

Isis, Isil, Daesh by any other name just as dangerous

Are you confused by these three terms? Essentially they are the same thing. The Islamic state group has rebranded and been branded several times. The group leaders would like to be known simply as the Islamic State. Why because this name brings to mind the groups recognition and propagation of the caliphate which is a state… Continue reading Isis, Isil, Daesh by any other name just as dangerous

Common Sense

The news lately is full of terror and fear, Of all the things, we hold dear. Freedom, equality are most rare and threatened by evil laid bare. We need protection that is for sure But in order for our freedom to endure We need to also hold our heads up high Let the fear go… Continue reading Common Sense