Wise words and time goes by so fast. What will I leave, will we add to this world or take away from it? Time will tell but sometimes we let time get away from us and I think we all regret things we have not done.

A Momma's View

I guess we all wonder at some point what we will leave behind. What will be our legacy? Will the story of our life be told by our kids, grandchildren and their families or will everything just be forgotten?

Will we be able to leave a mark? A mark that actually matters and that will guide our loved ones to a better place?

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By Gale A. Molinari

Sharing my views on just about everything that enters my mind. Fasten your seatbelts it is going to be a bumpy ride. I am just a lady of a certain age somewhere between the dinosaurs and stalactites. Musing over lessons learned and sharing those with others. I really am interested in your views on what I write so fire away and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. https://wordpress.com/stats/galemolinari.wordpress.com this is my poetry blog perhaps you would enjoy that too!!

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