Yes I am still here but the play is ended.

The masks are off, the play is done. Players drifted off and right has won. I have no time nor inclination For false refutes and indignation. So what is left is left behind The play itself begins to unwind. The audience drifted away Empty theater and empty minds hold sway.

Black Heart

She had a black heart, Black as coal. Cold as a moonless winter. Wrapped it around her victims, Strangled them left them for dead. But they rose up Sent her an evil lover To wrap his dark mind around hers, Rip out what was left of her black heart. and he left her as a… Continue reading Black Heart

Implausible Reality

The shop girl turned the sign, Left the stage, Twisted up with anger and rage. The customers never came to buy, All the goods, the tricked up lie. Implausible reality stepped in With a wicked walk and grin. You see my dear you oversold, Strident instead of bold. Such strange things you tried to sell.… Continue reading Implausible Reality

The Alien

Alone, alien, she lives in her own world Her twisted path unfurled. She draws you in with tendrils of lies While secretly she despises Your humanity, your care She can’t repair Her twisted mind, her hatred Of all mankind. You must be punished beaten down Your reputation finished all over town. She leaves you in… Continue reading The Alien

Nothing but a ghost

No heart has she, Her soul is blank. Empty as the sea, dark and rank. She lives in misery, In swamps of hate. There is no mystery, of her soulless state. She sucks the life leaves nothing but venom. Twists the knife Into her victim. Yet the joke you see is on her Who she… Continue reading Nothing but a ghost

Sad little clown

So sad she tried again No life no friends So she became a clown Talked round and round But nobody is there To care.  

Wishful thinking

Looks like my stalker would like to see my blog gone. Sorry to disappoint but WP has not removed it. Unlike some people, I have a life that sometimes gets in the way of writing blogs. If you have nothing to do but harass others and denigrate others I guess this is all you have. Sorry… Continue reading Wishful thinking

Old fish smell

Is it me? Now that we are being courted by both parties here in New York, I keep hearing both sides legitimizing the delegate process by calling it the rules of the “game”. Since when is the selection of the person that will determine our future over the next four years and probably beyond a… Continue reading Old fish smell

Green Eyed Monster

It grabs you silently by the heart Gives you a sudden start. Fending off yet another Possible, maybe lover. Sexting, email all are suspect Loss of all your own self-respect. Chase them down give them misery Such is your sad history. Look in the mirror long and hard Shatter your love shard by shard. Can’t… Continue reading Green Eyed Monster

A Year

Well, I have been on Word Press a year. So much has happened. I started it just as a lark and a dare. Had a stalker troll that decided it was a good idea to attack myself and my friends on Word Press so I decided to check it out. Here we are a year… Continue reading A Year

Free Speech

One of the most precious gifts of a Democracy is free speech. It is also one of the most often misused. Spreading lies and hate isn’t free speech it is hatred. It also lessens the value of free speech. In this political season on both sides, I see the worst drivel and defamatory statements. Be… Continue reading Free Speech

We know your secrets

Shhhhhhh she surfaced again; She full of sin; Of hate and boiling jealousy. Filled with poisoned animosity. Followed you there to your retreat. Where you and your fellows meet. To prove yourselves as sexy fiends; Onto anyone your body leans. Virtual heat where none exists. Playing a game that no one missed. We know your… Continue reading We know your secrets

Where have all the little trolls gone?

Oh where oh where have those little trolls gone? Oh where oh where oh where can the be? Their little heads popped up and came along To Facebook and internet free. They poke and they holler They scream and they bother The innocent and unwary. So don’t long tarry Or listen to their defecations Their… Continue reading Where have all the little trolls gone?

She Believed Him

He came home late again Said he had to work she believed him. She found panties in his pockets lipstick tubes and lockets She believed him. He said that she was crazy Stupid and lazy She believed him. For love, he is never in the mood He said she misunderstood Worked too hard quick to… Continue reading She Believed Him


When I started this blog it was as a lark.  Just wanted to see what it was all about. Now I have 500 people that enjoy what I write from what pops in my mind. I am totally amazed and treasure each of you.

We need less of political rhetoric and more patriotism.

The election isn’t until next year but already the nasty, hateful political posts are beginning. The Republicans if you are to believe their detractors hate the poor, only interested in money and are war criminals. The Democrats are weak, liberal and could care less about America. How about looking into each candidate and making an… Continue reading We need less of political rhetoric and more patriotism.

Secrets Twisted and Served as Gossip

The funny thing about secrets, the harder we try to hide things, the more likely they are to surface. Covering your tracks by telling more stories can muddy the waters or it can point straight back to you. The more secrets you have the more you have to cover. The more you have to cover the… Continue reading Secrets Twisted and Served as Gossip

The End

The End End of the road End of the pain End of her hate The constant refrain. Over and done What was started now is won. End of waiting Hesitating Justice now is near The END is here.

True Nobility

It is so easy to look at someone else’s life and criticize them. Why don’t they have money? Why are they constantly complaining? What is wrong with them? If we have been lucky enough to have our health. Fortunate enough to make enough money so we don’t have to stay up all night wondering if… Continue reading True Nobility


They come and go These trolls you know Not much to them just living low and twisted brains where hate can grow. With nothing much to do they come to criticise you. Using twisting words and lies As binding ties They try to undo all the good The rest of us understood Too bad they have… Continue reading Trolls

Calling all authors support your libraries

Let’s start a movement!! If you write, donate your signed books to your local library and volunteer to read them. You get followers and future readers they get you in person. If you have books donate them to small libraries that have so few and little money to buy more. Get involved. Children that read… Continue reading Calling all authors support your libraries

Paranormal and the thinking mind

Wonder why we are so fascinated with the paranormal. I think that it is an innate fear of the unknown and death. I can picture early man when confronted with the unexplained sudden death of someone they cared about blaming the forces of nature. After all they didn’t know a cause of death unless an… Continue reading Paranormal and the thinking mind

Vanity a cautionary tale

In our youth we depend on our looks to attract a mate. We primp and polish and pose. Some never get beyond that stage. Most of us come to the realization eventually that there is more to life than that. The narcissist never does. When they look in the mirror they don’t see reality they… Continue reading Vanity a cautionary tale

Whatever I am I am me.

I blog because I enjoy it. After many years working in accounting and not having time to write this is a wonderful outlet. There are many of you I have met and your writing inspires and sometimes astounds me. There is a lot of joy in blogging many real laughs too. In this world though… Continue reading Whatever I am I am me.

The Golem

I recently finished a book that had an interesting story about a Golem. The book was in my estimation only a so so story but the subject is fascinating. Today in Prague it is an entire business and the statues of Golems can be seen everywhere but I can imagine that the tales of the… Continue reading The Golem

Robert Durst disgusting excuse

Last night I was appalled to see that this murderer’s lawyer is going to use the same excuse that got this murder off last time. ASPERGERS! This is really outrageous. Robert Durst is about to get away with more murders. Using the badly understood condition known as Aspergers. This is a terrible precedent… Continue reading Robert Durst disgusting excuse

Sisters Not

Through the murky layers of time I remember you, The one that was my rock was so true. A friend forever at least that was what it seemed. We talked together, shared our dreams. From a distance we became close, Like sisters I thought. Until the day you turned I saw the face, the true… Continue reading Sisters Not


Two articles every parent and teacher and anyone else with a soul should read. Bullying and Suicide Click to access 6b.Bullying%20%20People%20with%20Disabilities.Arias.pdf These are articles on the abuse of handicapped children in our schools and the suicide statistics for those that are bullied. This isn’t a part of growing up it is torture. What kind of… Continue reading BULLYING WHY?????