Childhood free of fear

A promised future turned to black, There is no turning back. The beach will always remain. Swimming never be in vain. Against the tide against the troll. Farther off we find the goal. Til freedom we have in sight. We will continue the fight, For childhood and against fear, The goal is ever near, For… Continue reading Childhood free of fear

Autism and the Artist Candy Waters

via Candy Waters. I just saw a wonderful post by a friend of mine on Facebook (I love my friends they teach me so much!). It was about this wonderful artist that happens to be Autistic. I think this painting says so much if we just ponder it a bit. The bloom strikes me very… Continue reading Autism and the Artist Candy Waters

Mad you say? But aren’t we all???

We all have our own little quirks but can usually work within society without a problem. There are some though that have extreme personality disorders. Seems that Narcissism has been the theme of late so I decided to look into the differences between Narcissists, Sociopaths and Borderline Personality Disorder and discovered some interesting things. Narcissists… Continue reading Mad you say? But aren’t we all???

Seven Deadly sins – Greed

Ah yes the sin of Greed. A life spent gaining things that eventually will be thrown away, broken, burned up or otherwise disposed of. People that are made close only because they feed your need to be all important. Others to be used and discarded in favor of those that can further your path. How… Continue reading Seven Deadly sins – Greed