Monkey see

Monkey see, Monkey do Don’t think for yourself Just follow along with the crew REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT Not like you will ever meet Your victims. Attack mindlessly as you are told Doesn’t matter if it is true Your soul has been sold To the wicked witch.  

Welcome little spy

You think I don’t see you? You think I am naive. Slinking around on your belly while your curiosity you relieve Say hello to your little friends I know they are here too. I know you see By the things that you do. You are silly and strange Bought really cheap Information you arrange To… Continue reading Welcome little spy

Power blogging my opinion

Sorry I have been seeing all this stuff about power blogging and it really gets a little silly but then I really don’t know much about the subject. You see I blog because I like writing. I like reading other peoples stuff and making people think or laugh. Really I am not power blogging material.… Continue reading Power blogging my opinion