Yes I am still here but the play is ended.

The masks are off, the play is done. Players drifted off and right has won. I have no time nor inclination For false refutes and indignation. So what is left is left behind The play itself begins to unwind. The audience drifted away Empty theater and empty minds hold sway.

Nothing but a ghost

No heart has she, Her soul is blank. Empty as the sea, dark and rank. She lives in misery, In swamps of hate. There is no mystery, of her soulless state. She sucks the life leaves nothing but venom. Twists the knife Into her victim. Yet the joke you see is on her Who she… Continue reading Nothing but a ghost

Invisible society

Desiree Palmen Camouflage Art   Instead of attacking gun owners why don’t we do something about the cause of most of gun violence. The sad lack of mental health care in the United States is tragic. It is extremely difficult for the middle class or lower class people to get quality care. Why don’t we put… Continue reading Invisible society