No internet?

Yesterday for whatever reason there was little or no internet. It wasn’t just local service, friends of mine all over the country and in other countries reported the same thing. Calling Verizon Fios my provider didn’t help they just told me there was an “issue”. The incident seemed to go unobserved by the media. Now… Continue reading No internet?

Being grateful

Simple things are blessings in disguise, And in this world it’s no real surprise; That people don’t see it, Don’t see grace and be it. Clean water, fresh air, All are grace for being there. A hand to hold when things are hard, little posy, greeting card. Sight to see the lovely earth, Dying peacefully,… Continue reading Being grateful

Smoke in the Wind

via quote-the-aim-of-life-is-self-development-to-realize-one-s-nature-perfectly-that-is-what-each-of-us-is-oscar-wilde-288206.jpg (850×400). It seems to me that we are all born with the task of finding ourselves. Some never do. Rushing here and there on pointless things and let’s face it most of life is pointless with important things wedged in between. Going to an office and pushing papers from one end of the… Continue reading Smoke in the Wind