We all have disabilities. It is what you do with them that counts.

Israel Defense Forces Corporal Shoval Dabush is Manpower and Personnel specialist in the Israeli Air Force. Despite having cerebral palsy, she volunteered to serve in the army, and encourages other people with disabilities to break boundaries. “People with disabilities should believe in themselves and join the military just like everyone else. Even when it’s difficult,… Continue reading We all have disabilities. It is what you do with them that counts.

Mental Illness and Prejudice

via MAC address | My Privacy Tools Blog. Too many people hide mental illnesses and suffer needlessly. Unlike the past when my mother suffered from Bipolar Illness it is now talked about openly. I know the prejudice of having a mentally ill family member. I have skipped many parts of applications for employment or outright… Continue reading Mental Illness and Prejudice

Witchcraft and the modern woman

This year Halloween or All Hallows Eve or in Wiccan religion Samhain will be on Friday the 31st. It could be conceived as lucky or unlucky depending on your beliefs. Christianity and other organized religion has almost completely wiped out Paganism which was the basic for belief for thousands of years. Today only a few… Continue reading Witchcraft and the modern woman