Poetry Obsession the series.

This series of poems on my blog represent the madness that can be brought when an obsessive, narcissistic person latches on to a person that cannot be faithful and uses them just for their own desires. I hope you will read them and enjoy. It is a cautionary tale. Be careful who you are with madness can sometimes hide a beautiful form and face.

Obsession falling in love

I looked up and you were there
Just looking back
May I help you?
May I love you forever?

You touched my hand
Why yes glad to meet you
You too my love

Your eyes lock with mine
Seems like it is raining
Yes seems so
My forever one

My soul reaches out to you
and you say to me
I will be working here
Of course you are it is fate

Obsession it begins
Fate and kismet together
We are born to be as one
Locked forever in our embrace.

falling sneakers

So easy to fall
Deep into your life
Your eyes met mine
Over an inventory list

As you pointed at the increase
In sales
I fell deeply
Into the pit

One day the traffic slowed
We locked the door
Put out to lunch
Your hand took mine

In the back where noone could see
I kissed you
Deeply, fiercely I took you
You held my head

As I fell into the abyss
Glory and heaven met
You are mine
As I sank deeper

Always Always mine
The bell clanged
I put my uniform back
and buttoned it up

Kissed you again
With the promise
To go further
Deeper still.


She doesn’t understand him
The way I do
She doesn’t love him
the way I do

As we make love
he tells me I am the one
the only one
his desire

She doesn’t understand
care for him

He is mine
Her child is just
a complication
a bump in the road

He will leave her
if he needs
to climb mountains
to get to me

Come my love
Into my heart
Into my world
Into my web

You are mine
will be forever
Doesn’t understand you.

web with man

You are mine
Closer, closer come closer
There you are wrapped
In my web

Where are you going?
Stay here you cannot go
without me
You will never go

She can’t have you
can’t touch you
or speak to you
or breath near you

Mine I cannot live
without you
I will not live
without you

Wrapped in my embrace
wrapped close
you need no one else

Closer still
you cannot stray
In my

snake woman head

Who is she
Who is she
Who is she

She came in the shop
She talked to you in the street
Who is she?
You are mine

You do not need
Any one Else
Who is she?

I saw your phone
it had her number in it
why are you calling her
or them

Who are they?
These women
I am all you need
All you will ever need

Just virtual friends
too far away you say
to steal your heart
from me?

No I will destroy
Anyone who comes near
our love
Our perfect love

you will make me mad

I cannot take not
having you
caring for you
being in your soul


I know you are seeing her
You love her
That other one
No you can’t

How can you?
I am here.
You are mine
She cannot have you

Someone else

You will be mine
And forever.

You said I was
the only one
when you left
the other one.

You left her
Because you know
you are mine

You cannot will not leave


The knife dripped blood
The walls dripped blood
Her hand held the knife close


Mine her mind screamed
Mine you can’t have him
He comes with me
To Hell.

Run her mind says
I can’t it replies
He is here
I must stay

She held the blood soaked corpse
Close so close that she became him
The madness had won
You are mine she said

Not hers not anymore
She will never have you
Mine all mine
Forever more.

The police came
Pulled her off his corpse
But you don’t understand
We are destiny

Put her in the car
Where are we going?
Where is he? He must be with me
Touches her blood soaked hand to her heart

Mine all mine ever more
She sees the policeman’s gun
Before he knows it
She has it in her hand

Mine ever moreHe can never escape

Always together


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