Shattered mind

Her break with reality is complete Her mind has met defeat. She skitters to and fro Nowhere to go But down and down Into the abyss Where all is amiss. Shattered mind, empty soul Destroys her role As lover so divine Vixen so sublime. You see she looked too close Saw the future as it… Continue reading Shattered mind


Evil lurks It twists and bends Spreads hatred and misery Cloaks itself like close friends Reveals itself in history. The Ides of March march on and the evil reveals Launches itself on souls and steals All goodness and light Lives in spite and terror Can’t look into the mirror Or it will be destroyed by… Continue reading Evil

Old friend Jill

Delusional and infantile Crawling with self-importance Living inside your own mind Where no one or nothing else matters. They have seen you the anonymous Eaten you whole Left only the carcass Of someone we used to know. Look inside yourself Find the hollow empty shell of who you used to be. Goodbye old friend Sad… Continue reading Old friend Jill

Thief of Hearts

She will steal your heart away Shackle you and make you stay. One day you will awake Inventory you will take. For what this thief has taken When you finally awaken realizing that it cannot be replaced You have been disgraced and left with regret You will wish you never met The thief of hearts.

She kept him in a cage

She put him in a cage. Trapped and only hers. Used him for her rage. Possession for her urge, To dominate her toy. To crack and destroy. Until one day, He escaped ran away. Found another one A new life was begun. She stalks him still it seems. In life and in her dreams. Injected… Continue reading She kept him in a cage

Who is the Bully what makes people do it? Are they Narcissists? Sociopaths or both? Why do people do it? All kinds of people are victims. Even celebrities some of those more than others because of envy. They come from everywhere, all ages, genders, races and cultures. Sometimes they are people that have lost control in their lives so they can only find it in controlling and bullying others.… Continue reading Who is the Bully what makes people do it? Are they Narcissists? Sociopaths or both?

You can stop bullying

Bullying of any kind is wrong but why do people do it? We all say we are against it but how many of you out there have said an unkind word about someone else? Why did you? All of us are guilty of bullying or being unkind sometime in our lives. If you gossip about… Continue reading You can stop bullying


Ah revenge the searing ripping, soaring heart and soul shearing Look what we are scoring. Waiting and lurking day by day by day never shirking Must have that last say. Then it is over Empty and done No need to cover the war is won. So sleep in quiet My dear friend We can’t deny… Continue reading Revenge

Help against the Narcissist

Immunizing Yourself against Narcissistic Verbal Attacks Recognize the signs of abuse. The attacks by a narcissist are usually more about their lack of self worth than yours. Words hurt. If you hear someone being beaten down verbally speak up. No one deserves to be abused by anyone else. It can even be in the work… Continue reading Help against the Narcissist