Old friend Jill

Delusional and infantile Crawling with self-importance Living inside your own mind Where no one or nothing else matters. They have seen you the anonymous Eaten you whole Left only the carcass Of someone we used to know. Look inside yourself Find the hollow empty shell of who you used to be. Goodbye old friend Sad… Continue reading Old friend Jill

Thief of Hearts

She will steal your heart away Shackle you and make you stay. One day you will awake Inventory you will take. For what this thief has taken When you finally awaken realizing that it cannot be replaced You have been disgraced and left with regret You will wish you never met The thief of hearts.

The illusion of privacy on the internet

It amazes me in this day and age the things people will post on social media. Even in so called “private” or “secret” groups things get leaked. Those photos you thought were only seen by a few friends can be leaked to millions in a matter of seconds. Better not anger anyone in those groups… Continue reading The illusion of privacy on the internet

Thanks for the negativity

Funny how negativity works. My friends and I have been targeted for some time by a lunatic. You can see her tags about me and others if you google Gale Molinari. I supposedly am a bully. I invite you to go through my blog and Facebook page and find any bullying. I am a defender… Continue reading Thanks for the negativity

Don’t be a Negative Nancy

Nancy hated everyone and everything She hated happiness and those who sing. Lived in misery and sadness. Had no use for positivity and gladness. So we trapped her in a bottle no way out Where no one could hear her shout Her hatred and her evil heart Her negativity she couldn’t start. She can no… Continue reading Don’t be a Negative Nancy

Secrets Twisted and Served as Gossip

The funny thing about secrets, the harder we try to hide things, the more likely they are to surface. Covering your tracks by telling more stories can muddy the waters or it can point straight back to you. The more secrets you have the more you have to cover. The more you have to cover the… Continue reading Secrets Twisted and Served as Gossip

Social Media Hypochondria

I don’t get people that are completely besotted by their health. Every little sniffle and sneeze or rash is life threatening. Facebook seems to be nirvana for them. Really I am sorry for those that are truly ill but most of the really sick people don’t post every burp, fart or temperature on social media.… Continue reading Social Media Hypochondria