Old friend Jill

Delusional and infantile Crawling with self-importance Living inside your own mind Where no one or nothing else matters. They have seen you the anonymous Eaten you whole Left only the carcass Of someone we used to know. Look inside yourself Find the hollow empty shell of who you used to be. Goodbye old friend Sad… Continue reading Old friend Jill

You can stop bullying

Bullying of any kind is wrong but why do people do it? We all say we are against it but how many of you out there have said an unkind word about someone else? Why did you? All of us are guilty of bullying or being unkind sometime in our lives. If you gossip about… Continue reading You can stop bullying

The brain

    Ah the brain, magnificent functioning machine of man. Having discussed different mental disorders in this blog I thought I would delve into where it is all happening. The mysterious brain. From Web MD The brain is one of the largest and most complex organs in the human body. It is made up of… Continue reading The brain

Black hole of the mind

Mind dark black swirling in session empty and cloying That is depression. Trapped in a dark place deep and dark Lost in space Leaves it’s mark. Darkness never ending sliding further down pushing and sending spinning vortex around and around. Off tilt and whirl the world in end in a ball curl meaningless blend. You… Continue reading Black hole of the mind

Into the Deep

  Swirling spinning down and down Into the vortex around and around. Until deeper deeper it spins and so it all begins. Crawling up to the surface slipping down again again and again. Closing in squeezing my mind tightly, the black begins to bind. Depression so black and dark, That it leaves an indelible mark.… Continue reading Into the Deep