Thanks for the negativity

Funny how negativity works. My friends and I have been targeted for some time by a lunatic. You can see her tags about me and others if you google Gale Molinari. I supposedly am a bully. I invite you to go through my blog and Facebook page and find any bullying. I am a defender… Continue reading Thanks for the negativity

Bubbles of happiness

I wish you bubbles of happiness and only pin pricks of sorrow Worlds of kindness To fill every tomorrow. Peace in your world Only joy unfurled. As you share your self with others All sisters and brothers Under the sun We all become one In a bubble of happiness.

Is it crazy to be happy or happy to be crazy

My friends and I are happy Does that make us strange? We like to be a bit snappy Our thoughts we rearrange. Yep we have things that are sad Some quite depressing Some things make us mad But we won’t be stressing. We laugh cuz we can We do it quite often Our thoughts often… Continue reading Is it crazy to be happy or happy to be crazy