Cheating on a narcissist it isn’t just about sex.

Cheating really has nothing to do with sex it is just a follow through. When a person cheats on you in any way with anyone it is a denial of your relationship. People don’t cheat on people they care about. They just don’t. They are so completely involved with their partner they have no time… Continue reading Cheating on a narcissist it isn’t just about sex.

Roman Mosaics to keep away the envious

Mosaics in ancient Rome are now thought to have had the purpose of driving away the evil eye and envious people. According to Professor of ancient history Luz Neira who coordinates a team of researchers into ancient ritualist practices of religion and magic in ancient times. The wealthy in Rome would commission these works of… Continue reading Roman Mosaics to keep away the envious

Delusional Jealousy

Delusion Definition Emotional Jealousy Jealousy Marriage Jealousy Issues Jealousy And Relationships Grandiose Delusion Delusional Jealousy Alcohol abuse has been known to contribute to delusional jealousy. Othello suffers with delusional jealousy in Shakespeare’s play of Othello, and murders his wife as a result. Another name for delusional jealousy is Othello syndrome, which takes its name from… Continue reading Delusional Jealousy

Obsession jealousy the fifth step toward disaster

Who is she Who is she Who is she Who She came in the shop She talked to you in the street Who is she? You are mine You do not need Any one Else Ever Who is she? I saw your phone it had her number in it why are you calling her or… Continue reading Obsession jealousy the fifth step toward disaster

Obsession Falling

  Obsession Second in the series of poems So easy to fall Deep into your life Your eyes met mine Over an inventory list As you pointed at the increase In sales I fell deeply Into the pit One day the traffic slowed We locked the door Put out to lunch Your hand took mine… Continue reading Obsession Falling

Obsession Always Together

Part of a series please look for my other Obsession poems to follow the story The knife dripped blood The walls dripped blood Her hand held the knife close Closer Obsession Departure Pain Endings Mine her mind screamed Mine you can’t have him He comes with me To Hell. Run her mind says I can’t… Continue reading Obsession Always Together

Narcissist case in point

via narcissist – Bing Images. Just for the record my posts are not about anyone in particular. One of my friends saw a rant by a lunatic that follows us all over and evidently is now following us on WordPress after chasing us all over Facebook. Honey not everything is about you. I am sorry… Continue reading Narcissist case in point

Seven deadly sins – Pride favorite of the Narcissist.

PRIDE Yes the sin of PRIDE. How many people have fallen victim to that? We all do now and then and it can be very costly. If you love yourself over everyone else how can anyone be good enough? How can you have any kind of normal relationship? I have posted before about Narcissism and… Continue reading Seven deadly sins – Pride favorite of the Narcissist.