Don’t be a Negative Nancy

Nancy hated everyone and everything She hated happiness and those who sing. Lived in misery and sadness. Had no use for positivity and gladness. So we trapped her in a bottle no way out Where no one could hear her shout Her hatred and her evil heart Her negativity she couldn’t start. She can no… Continue reading Don’t be a Negative Nancy

Narcissism or just selfishness???

So we have talked a lot about the narcissist but how do you tell the difference between a really selfish person and a narcissist?? In a narcissist there just is no one else unless they are there to gratify the narcissists grandiose view of herself or himself. Others are just tools. From biological studies it… Continue reading Narcissism or just selfishness???

Why don’t they see the truth.

A sociopath and a narcissist are masters at acting. When they are reeling you in you are the most wonderful, smartest gorgeous thing they have ever known. They live for your every breath, they are your slave. Whether they are a friend or lover they are the absolute best there is. Of course they are… Continue reading Why don’t they see the truth.

Haunted by you

Haunted by you unable to sleep the ghosts of the past are there You have gone too deep Have stripped me bare. They rise up and wrap me around my mind in my soul the rend and they trap me shivering in the cold. Where is that warmth that was Your eyes are vacant and… Continue reading Haunted by you