Be careful of who you friend on the internet.

Isn’t it funny how people behind a blog or a Facebook profile can hide their true selves? We friend people without really knowing them and sometimes become friends without ever meeting. I have made some wonderful friends on social media, I have also met some real characters that were very skillful at hiding their true… Continue reading Be careful of who you friend on the internet.


I wonder what it is about social media that brings out the exhibitionist in some people. It can really become cringe worthy after awhile. So here is my rant about how much is too much to post. Profile pictures seem to be just everything. I saw one with two men’s bare rear ends on a… Continue reading Exhibitionist

Drama Queens

I am so tired of people that think everything is about them. Boo hoo hoo oh as Joan Rivers used to say “Grow UP!”. Everyone has issues and problems. Believe it or not our lives do not revolve around yours. Someone said something that hurt your little feelings? Well talk to them or shut up… Continue reading Drama Queens