Thanks for the negativity

Funny how negativity works. My friends and I have been targeted for some time by a lunatic. You can see her tags about me and others if you google Gale Molinari. I supposedly am a bully. I invite you to go through my blog and Facebook page and find any bullying. I am a defender… Continue reading Thanks for the negativity


What make a community I wonder. Our dear friend Jason Cushman has closed his Harsh Reality – Opinionated Man blogs. He didn’t make an announcement he went quietly. People started realizing that there was something missing. Something spicy. Our little Word Press community had a hole in it. A whole that started a tidal wave… Continue reading Community

Let go of Negative People

Word Press is a great place to read some great writing, poetry, news and opinions but it seems there are those that would poison it by personal attacks on other people. A blogger I respect and enjoy Jason of Harsh Reality is being attacked viciously evidently because he is popular. Sorry didn’t know that was… Continue reading Let go of Negative People

Women and the church an answer to Opinionated Man

Opinionated Man has posted that women should not be priests. His argument is that is doesn’t feel right. This is an argument that I have also had with the husband for years. His argument? Well Peter left his wife to follow Jesus so they are the only ones that should be priests. The Pope said… Continue reading Women and the church an answer to Opinionated Man