Nothing but a ghost

No heart has she, Her soul is blank. Empty as the sea, dark and rank. She lives in misery, In swamps of hate. There is no mystery, of her soulless state. She sucks the life leaves nothing but venom. Twists the knife Into her victim. Yet the joke you see is on her Who she… Continue reading Nothing but a ghost

Shattered mind

Her break with reality is complete Her mind has met defeat. She skitters to and fro Nowhere to go But down and down Into the abyss Where all is amiss. Shattered mind, empty soul Destroys her role As lover so divine Vixen so sublime. You see she looked too close Saw the future as it… Continue reading Shattered mind

Green Eyed Monster

It grabs you silently by the heart Gives you a sudden start. Fending off yet another Possible, maybe lover. Sexting, email all are suspect Loss of all your own self-respect. Chase them down give them misery Such is your sad history. Look in the mirror long and hard Shatter your love shard by shard. Can’t… Continue reading Green Eyed Monster

Monkey see

Monkey see, Monkey do Don’t think for yourself Just follow along with the crew REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT Not like you will ever meet Your victims. Attack mindlessly as you are told Doesn’t matter if it is true Your soul has been sold To the wicked witch.  

Whispers of Owls and Others

Secrets once told float into air Always hanging there. Those that we trusted now Are clutching every vow. Every word of love and hate Every time and every date. Hanging like rotten fruit To finally take root. Be careful who you betray For one day They will have your tales of woe and wales of… Continue reading Whispers of Owls and Others

Empty eyes

Her eyes were empty Empty as her soul, blank as the faces of her dolls Sitting dusty on the shelf. Devoid of love and feeling; Devoid of empathy and justice; Devoid of everything. Empty, Seeking solace in nothingness. She knows not peace. But sits empty. Voided by life and her black heart. Made bitter by… Continue reading Empty eyes

We know your secrets

Shhhhhhh she surfaced again; She full of sin; Of hate and boiling jealousy. Filled with poisoned animosity. Followed you there to your retreat. Where you and your fellows meet. To prove yourselves as sexy fiends; Onto anyone your body leans. Virtual heat where none exists. Playing a game that no one missed. We know your… Continue reading We know your secrets

Religion and responsibility Religion should show kindness and care for others. Any religion that participates in the persecution of others for their beliefs should be ashamed. It is up to religious leaders to show the way to enlightenment. We also have a responsibility to live a life of responsibility and also of example to others. Children learn… Continue reading Religion and responsibility

Hate flies in on swift wings

Hate flies in on swift wings the small the innocent it stings It cuts down the little one and so the war has begun. No voice, no guns, no protection No time for introspection Blown into tiny fragments For political pride augments It swoops down and snatches away All the hope for a newer day… Continue reading Hate flies in on swift wings