Wishful thinking

Looks like my stalker would like to see my blog gone. Sorry to disappoint but WP has not removed it. Unlike some people, I have a life that sometimes gets in the way of writing blogs. If you have nothing to do but harass others and denigrate others I guess this is all you have. Sorry… Continue reading Wishful thinking

We know your secrets

Shhhhhhh she surfaced again; She full of sin; Of hate and boiling jealousy. Filled with poisoned animosity. Followed you there to your retreat. Where you and your fellows meet. To prove yourselves as sexy fiends; Onto anyone your body leans. Virtual heat where none exists. Playing a game that no one missed. We know your… Continue reading We know your secrets

Evil behind a pretty face

Such a pretty young face, to hide such a dark heart. To show no trace Of her black art. She weaves the pain The heartless schemes. Destroys the name, And all her dreams. Who knew such a vicious snake Could crawl and creep just for evil’s sake Disturb the sleep. Of other souls and beings… Continue reading Evil behind a pretty face

Delusional Jealousy

Delusion Definition Emotional Jealousy Jealousy Marriage Jealousy Issues Jealousy And Relationships Grandiose Delusion Delusional Jealousy Alcohol abuse has been known to contribute to delusional jealousy. Othello suffers with delusional jealousy in Shakespeare’s play of Othello, and murders his wife as a result. Another name for delusional jealousy is Othello syndrome, which takes its name from… Continue reading Delusional Jealousy

Obsession becomes Madness the sixth step

I know you are seeing her You love her That other one No you can’t How can you? I am here. You are mine She cannot have you Someone else No No no You will be mine mine now And forever. You said I was the only one when you left the other one. You… Continue reading Obsession becomes Madness the sixth step

Obsession jealousy the fifth step toward disaster

Who is she Who is she Who is she Who She came in the shop She talked to you in the street Who is she? You are mine You do not need Any one Else Ever Who is she? I saw your phone it had her number in it why are you calling her or… Continue reading Obsession jealousy the fifth step toward disaster

Obsession Always Together

Part of a series please look for my other Obsession poems to follow the story The knife dripped blood The walls dripped blood Her hand held the knife close Closer Obsession Departure Pain Endings Mine her mind screamed Mine you can’t have him He comes with me To Hell. Run her mind says I can’t… Continue reading Obsession Always Together

Seven deadly sins – Pride favorite of the Narcissist.

PRIDE Yes the sin of PRIDE. How many people have fallen victim to that? We all do now and then and it can be very costly. If you love yourself over everyone else how can anyone be good enough? How can you have any kind of normal relationship? I have posted before about Narcissism and… Continue reading Seven deadly sins – Pride favorite of the Narcissist.

Seven deadly sins Jealousy is it worth it?

To just expand a bit on my last post Sexting is it Cheating. Do you think Jealousy is a useful or useless emotion? It causes some really destructive behavior, it can destroy friendships and relationships. When a person isn’t happy in their relationship or their situation in life people look to find a reason. Your… Continue reading Seven deadly sins Jealousy is it worth it?