Shattered mind

Her break with reality is complete Her mind has met defeat. She skitters to and fro Nowhere to go But down and down Into the abyss Where all is amiss. Shattered mind, empty soul Destroys her role As lover so divine Vixen so sublime. You see she looked too close Saw the future as it… Continue reading Shattered mind

Green Eyed Monster

It grabs you silently by the heart Gives you a sudden start. Fending off yet another Possible, maybe lover. Sexting, email all are suspect Loss of all your own self-respect. Chase them down give them misery Such is your sad history. Look in the mirror long and hard Shatter your love shard by shard. Can’t… Continue reading Green Eyed Monster


He comes on quiet feet When you don’t expect to meet. Will you be ready for his call? Have you been here at all? Did you love feel it’s embrace? Did you feel compassion’s grace? Were there sunsets that broke your heart? Sunrises that tore you apart? Did you see the world and all it’s… Continue reading Death

Searching the debris

She lives in her own strange world Floating in her own mind. Amongst the debris of yesterday She wades ever deeper. Somewhere she thinks her lost love waits for her. Yet he has sailed on and forgotten her mind spins with regret, bumps into the waste of love left burning.

In the Mirror

Photo by Gale A. Molinari In the Mirror She sees herself not what she has become. A sad reflection Of humanity. Betrayed and betrayer Madness twisting her heart Once a lovely rose Now just a reflection And thorns lots of thorns That pierce her heart and the heart Of those she loved. She trusted and… Continue reading In the Mirror

Haunted by you

Haunted by you unable to sleep the ghosts of the past are there You have gone too deep Have stripped me bare. They rise up and wrap me around my mind in my soul the rend and they trap me shivering in the cold. Where is that warmth that was Your eyes are vacant and… Continue reading Haunted by you