Team Pepper

Tell you stories my friends. I will miss our Team Pepper. Wish it wasn’t ending. I made some wonderful friends and discovered fabulous blogs. Hope we can do it again. For now THE END.

dead girl

Yes I am old but I am not dead Sorry What makes you different A few years? You one day will be here When death beckones Waits for you. Your mind will be the same Trapped in old Frightened? You should be. As you are I was.

The Nano Poblano Oddly Specifically Gratitude Blog Hop Day: 27

Originally posted on willowdot21:
The Nano Poblano Oddly Specific Gratitude Blog Hop Thanks to grandmalin for tagging me to continue this rather impressive list of gratefulness.  I’m happy to have discovered so many new blogging friends, especially the ones who are drunk on life.  There is no better way to be. Here are the rules Add…

The Spider and the fly

Ah hello little fly how beautiful your wings all colors of the rainbow shining in the sun. You are a beautiful little fly we could be good friends You and I. Come closer darling so I can see you better We spiders don’t see that well you know. Closer still little fly Such good friends… Continue reading The Spider and the fly

Living with Gratitude not negativity

What is it with negative people? Always looking for something to complain about. You know the type if the sun is out they might get a sunburn. If it is raining their hair gets frizzy or their arthritis acts up. They hate everybody and everything. There is so much to be grateful for. We live… Continue reading Living with Gratitude not negativity

Courage in admiration of a friend

Just read a blog post from Allylakeside. She is my friend but I had no idea the hell she had been through before I knew her. She survived and is a fighter today. Many times she has gotten attacked for standing up for others yet doesn’t let that slow her down one iota. Along… Continue reading Courage in admiration of a friend

Obsession becomes Madness the sixth step

I know you are seeing her You love her That other one No you can’t How can you? I am here. You are mine She cannot have you Someone else No No no You will be mine mine now And forever. You said I was the only one when you left the other one. You… Continue reading Obsession becomes Madness the sixth step

Obsession jealousy the fifth step toward disaster

Who is she Who is she Who is she Who She came in the shop She talked to you in the street Who is she? You are mine You do not need Any one Else Ever Who is she? I saw your phone it had her number in it why are you calling her or… Continue reading Obsession jealousy the fifth step toward disaster