Shattered mind

Her break with reality is complete Her mind has met defeat. She skitters to and fro Nowhere to go But down and down Into the abyss Where all is amiss. Shattered mind, empty soul Destroys her role As lover so divine Vixen so sublime. You see she looked too close Saw the future as it… Continue reading Shattered mind

What do you see?

What do you see when you see me? An object of fun? or of inspiration A child of love or desperation? Do you see me at all Or pretend not to see me fall? We are all different not peas in a pod All measured by the same rod I have challenges, well so do… Continue reading What do you see?

Monkey see

Monkey see, Monkey do Don’t think for yourself Just follow along with the crew REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT Not like you will ever meet Your victims. Attack mindlessly as you are told Doesn’t matter if it is true Your soul has been sold To the wicked witch.  

Narcissist Achilles Heel

I just read a very eloquent article by a really brilliant woman. You may know her. This is her article I did reblog but I wanted to go further than that. What made this wonderful, caring brilliant woman care about an avowed narcissist who openly has great distain for women and people in general?… Continue reading Narcissist Achilles Heel

Narcissism or just selfishness???

So we have talked a lot about the narcissist but how do you tell the difference between a really selfish person and a narcissist?? In a narcissist there just is no one else unless they are there to gratify the narcissists grandiose view of herself or himself. Others are just tools. From biological studies it… Continue reading Narcissism or just selfishness???

Help against the Narcissist

Immunizing Yourself against Narcissistic Verbal Attacks Recognize the signs of abuse. The attacks by a narcissist are usually more about their lack of self worth than yours. Words hurt. If you hear someone being beaten down verbally speak up. No one deserves to be abused by anyone else. It can even be in the work… Continue reading Help against the Narcissist