Obsession becomes Madness the sixth step

I know you are seeing her You love her That other one No you can’t How can you? I am here. You are mine She cannot have you Someone else No No no You will be mine mine now And forever. You said I was the only one when you left the other one. You… Continue reading Obsession becomes Madness the sixth step

Obsession Falling

  Obsession Second in the series of poems So easy to fall Deep into your life Your eyes met mine Over an inventory list As you pointed at the increase In sales I fell deeply Into the pit One day the traffic slowed We locked the door Put out to lunch Your hand took mine… Continue reading Obsession Falling

Obsession beyond Control – The beginning

Part of a series please see my other Obsession Poems to follow the story Reposting in sequence enjoy!   I looked up and you were there Just looking back May I help you? May I love you forever? You touched my hand Electricty Why yes glad to meet you You too my love Your eyes… Continue reading Obsession beyond Control – The beginning

Love or Obsession the Fiction version Introduction

I have written a Poem about obsession which will start a journey about obsessive love it is a work of Fiction and has no bearing on anyone living or dead. See Obsession Always Together my recent poem. It start with the ending and I will be taking you back to the start and go forward… Continue reading Love or Obsession the Fiction version Introduction