Wake up call

When are Americans going to wake up? We are the hardest working people in the world. Taking less vacation time every year so we have less time with our families we struggle to make a living, own a home, pay off college loans and just feed ourselves. Why then is our government so in debt?… Continue reading Wake up call

Military Brat and Proud of it

http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2014/12/18/kids-of-soldiers-reject-pc-attempt-to-change-military-brats-nickname/ Now our politically correct morons want to change our military brat nickname to something else?? Obviously they don’t know any of us. We are proud of that moniker and just as proud of our military parents. These idiots don’t realize what that title means obviously. It means living all over the world (a good… Continue reading Military Brat and Proud of it