A funny old world

It’s a funny old world isn’t it? We live life never knowing who will show up for the party? Will they be supportive and kind and fun or pull us down because of their angers and turbulence? Sometimes it is best just to sip your tea slowly and listen. There are lessons to be learned… Continue reading A funny old world

Human Nature and my Blog

We are all human by definition and if you are here on Word Press I think that you want to delve into or share that humanity. I am getting a lot of good feedback about the issues of cyberbullying and psychological issues that I have been covering. So I think that will be the main… Continue reading Human Nature and my Blog

Witchcraft and the modern woman

This year Halloween or All Hallows Eve or in Wiccan religion Samhain will be on Friday the 31st. It could be conceived as lucky or unlucky depending on your beliefs. Christianity and other organized religion has almost completely wiped out Paganism which was the basic for belief for thousands of years. Today only a few… Continue reading Witchcraft and the modern woman

We are not born to hate

We are not born to hate or to denigrate others it is something that is learned. Why? What makes some so insecure that they must bring others down so they can feel bigger and better.  It can be for any reason. Color, size, lack of size, country of origin just about anything. What a shame… Continue reading We are not born to hate