Help against the Narcissist

Immunizing Yourself against Narcissistic Verbal Attacks Recognize the signs of abuse. The attacks by a narcissist are usually more about their lack of self worth than yours. Words hurt. If you hear someone being beaten down verbally speak up. No one deserves to be abused by anyone else. It can even be in the work… Continue reading Help against the Narcissist

Anger used by the sociopath and narcissist

Sociopaths, narcissists and others like to use anger as a weapon. If they can incite you to anger they can control you. That is what it is all about. Control. The narcissist in particular hates being ignored so will do anything to provoke a fight. Insults and lies are their favorite weapons. Don’t fall for… Continue reading Anger used by the sociopath and narcissist

Cheating on a narcissist it isn’t just about sex.

Cheating really has nothing to do with sex it is just a follow through. When a person cheats on you in any way with anyone it is a denial of your relationship. People don’t cheat on people they care about. They just don’t. They are so completely involved with their partner they have no time… Continue reading Cheating on a narcissist it isn’t just about sex.

Obsession Falling

  Obsession Second in the series of poems So easy to fall Deep into your life Your eyes met mine Over an inventory list As you pointed at the increase In sales I fell deeply Into the pit One day the traffic slowed We locked the door Put out to lunch Your hand took mine… Continue reading Obsession Falling

Sometimes you just have to walk away

You cannot win with a narcissist sometimes the best thing is to just walk away. You cannot make them understand how you feel because they just cannot wrap their minds around anyone else having feelings. It just is not in their makeup to empathize with any one else. They will take no responsibility for their… Continue reading Sometimes you just have to walk away