I find it interesting the comparisons between 1968 and now. I was a college student. We protested about the Vietnam War. Every day on TV we watched men killed live. It was the first war that was reported daily with video of the action. Many of our friends got drafted and many of us lost… Continue reading Revolution

Old fish smell

Is it me? Now that we are being courted by both parties here in New York, I keep hearing both sides legitimizing the delegate process by calling it the rules of the “game”. Since when is the selection of the person that will determine our future over the next four years and probably beyond a… Continue reading Old fish smell

Wake Up America

So now Donald Trump has declared for the Republicans as a candidate. We have Bush, Rubio and who knows who else. In the Democratic camp, they are dragging tired old Hillary and her pantsuits. Independents can’t get together and decide who they want to run or what they are. Sprinkle in all the other oddball… Continue reading Wake Up America

We need less of political rhetoric and more patriotism.

The election isn’t until next year but already the nasty, hateful political posts are beginning. The Republicans if you are to believe their detractors hate the poor, only interested in money and are war criminals. The Democrats are weak, liberal and could care less about America. How about looking into each candidate and making an… Continue reading We need less of political rhetoric and more patriotism.

Do Political arguments have to be nasty??

I don’t understand why politics have to be nasty? When I see one politico talking about every bit of dirt about their opponents and ignoring issues it worries me. When you have politicians like the Clintons with billion dollar war chests it pretty much excludes any one else in the race. No doubt we will… Continue reading Do Political arguments have to be nasty??


It amazes me how people just follow along party lines. Part of the problem in this country is nobody is questioning motives. They just vote and repeat party lines. The Democrats blame the Republicans and the Republicans blame the Democrats and the people just swallow everything said. All I ask is check the facts. Forget… Continue reading GULLIBILITY AND POLITICS