The Charming Narcissist

It is hard to believe how well a Narcissist or Sociopath can fool people. It happened to me and several others. The woman was amazing. Funny, smart and really pretty. Each one of us thought we had found our best friend. Individually she groomed us. Made us feel special and important. The thing with a… Continue reading The Charming Narcissist

Sociopathy and Social Media

From the Facebook page This is only one page on Facebook that seeks to shed light on Sociopaths. There are many others dealing with all sorts of sociopathy. Narcissism, Psychopaths, Sociopaths all have one thing in common. They can use social media to their own ends. With billions of users Facebook is a fertile… Continue reading Sociopathy and Social Media

Help against the Narcissist

Immunizing Yourself against Narcissistic Verbal Attacks Recognize the signs of abuse. The attacks by a narcissist are usually more about their lack of self worth than yours. Words hurt. If you hear someone being beaten down verbally speak up. No one deserves to be abused by anyone else. It can even be in the work… Continue reading Help against the Narcissist

Ignoring a narcissist. The best revenge. This is an excellent article. I just had my narcissist-victim-stalker attack me on a blog yet once again. Stupidly I thought my pictures on Facebook were safe I did do them to friends only. Well one of those friends must not be a friend because there low and behold on her blog is a… Continue reading Ignoring a narcissist. The best revenge.

Facebook and social media friends are they the real deal??

Facebook and other social media platforms are a great place to meet people and exchange ideas. Social media is now having the same effect on society as the printing press did in it’s time. I have met so many wonderful people but you do need to be careful of who is who and what they… Continue reading Facebook and social media friends are they the real deal??