Italy Makes New Law: Muslims Will Not Be Allowed To Build Any New Mosques

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The Italian government in the state of Northern Lombardy has made a new law: no new mosques will be allowed to be built.

According to the report:

Milan, January 22 – A regional government commission in the northern Lombardy region on Thursday approved a bill that would limit the opening of new, non-Catholic places of worship. The so-called anti-mosque bill submitted by the regionalist, anti-immigrant and anti-euro Northern League party of Governor Roberto Maroni would also impose security cameras in places of worship.

The bill has sparked opposition from the center left and from civil liberties advocates. The bill specifically refers to religions that have conventions with the Italian State and their municipality – which Islam does not – and that have a “diffused, organized and consistent presence.”

Critics say this would disproportionately affect religions that do have conventions with Italy, such as the Jewish faith and the…

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By Gale A. Molinari

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  1. You know if I had it my way all religions would be banned. And People, it’s not the mosque that’s out killing everyone it’s the people in the mosque that go out and kill everyone. It wasn’t all those beautiful cathedrals that killed everyone, it was all the Catholics in the cathedrals that went out and sent out their armies to massacre everyone. It wasn’t the churches that went out in the Crusades and murdered thousands and thousands of people, it was the Christians! Oh … Did I mention Hitler was a Christian and half a Jew! What the? If you people could just toss away the religion stuff and start worshiping me. Worship something worth worshipping, me! You’re sitting on me!

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