Vanity a cautionary tale

In our youth we depend on our looks to attract a mate. We primp and polish and pose. Some never get beyond that stage. Most of us come to the realization eventually that there is more to life than … Source: Vanity a cautionary tale


“I” I whom you don’t understand, Once was small, use to sit in the sand. Sometimes so hard in my heart it seems, To show what is I, the reality not the dreams. At a distance you a… Source: THE MUSIC HE MADE

What do you see?

What do you see when you see me? An object of fun? or of inspiration A child of love or desperation? Do you see me at all Or pretend not to see me fall? We are all different not peas in a pod All measured by the same rod I have challenges, well so do… Continue reading What do you see?

Age – Oscar Wilde does it again.

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This book really hit the nail on the head. Some people want to be eternally young, sometimes it becomes delusional. Like Dorian Gray they try to hide from time. Fact is you can’t. Every age has it’s advantages and we should embrace them. Would I like to be twenty again? Hell…

Smoke in the Wind

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via quote-the-aim-of-life-is-self-development-to-realize-one-s-nature-perfectly-that-is-what-each-of-us-is-oscar-wilde-288206.jpg (850×400). It seems to me that we are all born with the task of finding ourselves. Some never do. Rushing here and there on pointless things and let’s face it most of life is pointless with important things wedged in between. Going to an office and pushing papers from…

Nathaniel Hawthorne Quote

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne Source: Nathaniel Hawthorne Quote


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I guess we all wonder at some point what we will leave behind. What will be our legacy? Will the story of our life be told by our kids, grandchildren and their families or will everything just be forgotten? Will we be able to leave a mark? A…

I used to Care

I used to care as Bob has said whether you were alive or dead the time has gone, the time has passed I used to care but it didn’t last. For who I thought you were was all a dream All smoke and mirrors, you behind a screen. The Wizard it turned out had no… Continue reading I used to Care

Evil behind a pretty face

Such a pretty young face, to hide such a dark heart. To show no trace Of her black art. She weaves the pain The heartless schemes. Destroys the name, And all her dreams. Who knew such a vicious sna… Source: Evil behind a pretty face