Black Heart

She had a black heart, Black as coal. Cold as a moonless winter. Wrapped it around her victims, Strangled them left them for dead. But they rose up Sent her an evil lover To wrap his dark mind around hers, Rip out what was left of her black heart. and he left her as a… Continue reading Black Heart

The Alien

Alone, alien, she lives in her own world Her twisted path unfurled. She draws you in with tendrils of lies While secretly she despises Your humanity, your care She can’t repair Her twisted mind, her hatred Of all mankind. You must be punished beaten down Your reputation finished all over town. She leaves you in… Continue reading The Alien

Nothing but a ghost

No heart has she, Her soul is blank. Empty as the sea, dark and rank. She lives in misery, In swamps of hate. There is no mystery, of her soulless state. She sucks the life leaves nothing but venom. Twists the knife Into her victim. Yet the joke you see is on her Who she… Continue reading Nothing but a ghost

Empty eyes

Her eyes were empty Empty as her soul, blank as the faces of her dolls Sitting dusty on the shelf. Devoid of love and feeling; Devoid of empathy and justice; Devoid of everything. Empty, Seeking solace in nothingness. She knows not peace. But sits empty. Voided by life and her black heart. Made bitter by… Continue reading Empty eyes

Being grateful

Simple things are blessings in disguise, And in this world it’s no real surprise; That people don’t see it, Don’t see grace and be it. Clean water, fresh air, All are grace for being there. A hand to hold when things are hard, little posy, greeting card. Sight to see the lovely earth, Dying peacefully,… Continue reading Being grateful


Behind her mask she will hide Building walls to keep the truth out The truth could wound her pride Show her for what she is truly about. Not a woman but an empty shell Gone without a soul Blacker than the deepest well To wound is her goal. She lives in fear of seeing herself… Continue reading Ego