Who is the Bully what makes people do it? Are they Narcissists? Sociopaths or both?

bullied Miley Cyrus


Why do people do it? All kinds of people are victims. Even celebrities some of those more than others because of envy. They come from everywhere, all ages, genders, races and cultures. Sometimes they are people that have lost control in their lives so they can only find it in controlling and bullying others. Other times it is a way to fit in. Funny how a bully once they lose backup will fade away or back off. Others this is power and a way to get respect which they cannot get any other way. Fear is the only thing they know that gives them that respect. Others follow or friend a bully so they don’t become their target. Isolation is the weapon a bully uses. If another person is perceived as a loner or has few friends it sets them up to be bullied, Other times they come from homes where they are abused, ignored or are in chaos. They have no value at home so look for it in unhealthy or inappropriate ways. Many bullies end up using drugs or alcohol to subdue their pain.

Sometimes it is just that the person is mean an cruel that only feels good when they attack and cause others pain or harm. It is usually a pattern their whole lives. The odd thing is that new research has shown that bullies have excellent self esteem. They lack compassion, impulse control and social skills. Many are sociopaths and narcissists that can only feel by being extreme. The target is just that. Not a person but an object for them to ridicule or physically attack to make themselves feel anything.

Bullies have many aspects in common. They have a dominant manner and cast blame for the bad things in their life upon others. This is typical narcissistic behavior. The sociopath does it just for the sport and the target may even start out as a close friend or associate. The bully will build the person up and then tear them down for entertainment. Some people are predisposed to violence and aggression. While a lot of people are these are the ones that do not find healthy outlets for those predispositions.

People in the bully’s life also have an effect on their behavior. They may have a family that doesn’t care about them. On the other hand they may have parents that have become afraid of them and give in so they do not become the targets of their aggression. Discipline is either inconsistent or completely absent. When this happens the bully feels that there are no consequences to their behavior. It can be a matter of nature overcoming nurture. Another thing they have in common is they are attention seekers. Even if the attention is negative it is attention and that is what they crave. They never internalize rules or conduct or respect for any authority. So they run completely amok causing damage wherever they go until they finally go too far with the wrong person or get incarcerated for a crime against their victims.

Social media has made it easier for these people to do their bullying. Adults are bullied, children, even babies are made fun of because of their race or their looks. There are websites set up for just this purpose. The only way we can fight them and make people safe is to isolate them, make them know this behavior isn’t acceptable. Block them on social media if you see someone bullying someone else speak up. As a society we can protect the vulnerable. Help them find a safe place away from these twisted souls.

Protect from cyberbullying


By Gale A. Molinari

Sharing my views on just about everything that enters my mind. Fasten your seatbelts it is going to be a bumpy ride. I am just a lady of a certain age somewhere between the dinosaurs and stalactites. Musing over lessons learned and sharing those with others. I really am interested in your views on what I write so fire away and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. https://wordpress.com/stats/galemolinari.wordpress.com this is my poetry blog perhaps you would enjoy that too!!

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